Nintendo Switch is Getting a Video Streaming App in Japan

Nintendo Switch owners are hoping a North American counterpart isn’t too far off. 

Unlike just about every other gaming console that has been released over the past several years (a category which includes handheld consoles and even previous consoles from Nintendo), the Nintendo Switch currently has no video streaming app. This includes Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, among others.

However, a piece of good news was recently unveiled in a recent announcement on Twitter. As of tomorrow, July 13th, the Nintendo Switch will officially be getting a video streaming app!

Unfortunately, this will only come into effect for Nintendo Switch owners in Japan. In the confirmation, NicoNico (a Japanese video streaming service that operates in a similar manner to YouTube), stated that they will be releasing the first Nintendo Switch app in Japan.

This comes as a cold comfort for Switch owners in other regions, but the silver lining is that Nintendo is at least starting to make good on its promise to eventually bring video streaming apps to the console.

In the past, Nintendo stated that it wants the Switch to be a gaming console first and foremost, which is why it didn’t have support for video streaming apps at launch. If the rollout of the NicoNico app proves to be popular (which is likely considering it’ll only video streaming option on the Switch will have), hopefully Nintendo will be inspired to fast track other video streaming apps for the Switch.

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