Black the Fall - Achievements Guide

Here’s how to unlock every achievement and trophy in Black the Fall.

Black the Fall is a moody puzzle platformer that contains various achievements and trophies for players to find. Some Black the Fall achievements are awarded by progressing through the game, while others are easy to miss. This guide will explain how to unlock all 14 Black the Fall achievements and trophies. 

Black the Fall Achievement Guide

Working Class Hero (100)

  • Work yourself to death.

The Working Class Hero achievement can be completed at the very beginning of the game. However, it’s going to require some time and patience. Upon starting Black the Fall and getting off the elevator, you’ll approach a stationary bike. To unlock this achievement, you must sit and stay on the bike until the timer in the center goes down to 9000, which takes about 15 minutes.  

Be patient, because you'll be on this bike a while.

Once you’ve been on the bike long enough, a horn will blow and your achievement will pop. You’ll have to hold down the interact button (X) to stay on the bike for the duration, which can get quite tiring. Hey, no one said this work would be easy! 

Outlaw (50)

  • Doubt the State

This achievement is much easier to get. Simply play through Black the Fall and the Outlaw achievement will unlock automatically once you reach the second section in the orange-lit area. 

Obscure Dissident (50)

  • Eyes Wide Shut

Early in the game, you’ll need to sneak past a sleeping guard by crouching beneath a red bucket. Instead of going straight across the gap, drop down into the gap instead and continue along the path to the right. Crouch beneath the steam vent and drop down to the lower area. Enter the room with the man at the desk to unlock the Obscure Dissident achievement/trophy. 

VCR vs Communism (50)

  • There’s No Place Like Home

Before you reach the room where you take off your laser pointer, there is a room with a hatch in the floor. Interact with the hatch to open it, and drop down. Walk to the end of the walkway on the right. 

Jump from here or the platform on the right to drop past the steam and reach the bottom level.

You’ll need to jump toward the right wall to avoid the steam and land on a lower platform, then jump down when the steam stops. You can also just wait for the steam to clear and then drop down from the upper walkway.

Once you’re on the ground level, continue through the door on the left. Pass through the room and enter the next room to find a group of people gathered around a TV. The VCR vs Communism achievement will pop upon entering. 

Garage Days (50)

  • Underground Light

To unlock the Garage Days achievement/trophy in Black the Fall, play through the area where you need to remove your laser arm for the first time. When you are able to descend in the yellow elevator, ride it down to the ground floor. Before going forward, take a left toward the garage.

After riding the elevator to the bottom, hang a left and head through the garage.

Interact with the wood panels on the fence to clear the debris and walk through the gate. Continue to the left to find a man in a chair, who you can interact with. This will unlock the Garage Days achievement/trophy. 

High Hopes (100)

  • The Party Knows How to Party

In the second chapter when you reach the area where you have to ride the elevator to avoid the lasers, be sure to ride the elevator all the way down to the bottom instead of at the first stop.

Stand under this lamp and interact with the floor to open a secret hatch.

Go through the fence gate and stand in the debris under the hanging lamp ahead. Interact with the floor to open a trap door. Drop through the hatch to discover a man sitting in an underground cellar. This will unlock the High Hopes achievement in Black the Fall. 

Step Into the Light (100)

  • Blind Like a Bat

Step Into the Light is unlocked by playing through the story. When you remove the tunnel bars and exit the factory, you’ll unlock this achievement. 

Fez (100)

  • Red is the New Black

The Fez achievement in Black the Fall is easy to miss, so make sure you’re ready. Continue through the outside area and obtain your robot companion.

Wait until you see a crate with a red lid, then target it with your laser so your companion knocks it down. 

When you reach the section that involves boxes moving along a cable transport, wait and keep an eye on the boxes. When you spot a box that has a red lid, use your laser pointer to target the box. Your robot friend will jump up and knock the box down, revealing a new hat for you to wear and unlocking the Fez achievement in Black the Fall. 

Enjoy your new hat!

Unexpected Journey (100)

  • Trainspotting

When you get past the Sentinel that shoots at you in the crow-filled bog, you’ll come upon a railroad track just beyond the spillway. Stand on the right side of the tracks and wait for the train.

Interact with the end of the train to hitch a ride.

When the end of the train approaches, interact with the back to board the train. You’ll find yourself on an Unexpected Journey in a train car of sheep. Sit back and enjoy the ride. The train will return you to where you started. 

Remember, Remember (50)

  • Come Out and Play!

Continue through the third chapter with your robot companion, and keep an eye out for a Ferris wheel in the background. Look for a yellow switch box and interact with it to turn on the Ferris wheel temporarily. Doing so will unlock the Remember, Remember achievement in Black the Fall. 

At the Gates (50)

  • Mad Machine

The At the Gates achievement is unlocked by playing through the game and reaching the city in the fourth chapter. After riding the slab along the rail, jump off onto the platform to unlock this achievement/trophy. 

In God We Trust (50)

  • Confession is Sacred

Use the spiked wrecking ball on the crane to enter the church. After opening the door inside the church, stop just before leaving and jump up and down a couple times to bust through the floor. 

Before leaving the church, hop on this spot a few times to break through the floor.

Drop down the hole and continue across the walkway to the left to unlock the In God We Trust achievement in Black the Fall. 

Who’s There? (100)

  • Nature’s Call

This achievement is easy to miss as well. Later in the game, you’ll climb over the roof of an outhouse just beyond the big pounding machine. Turn around and knock on the outhouse door to unlock the Who’s There? achievement. 


Dead Man Walking (50)

  • No Place for the Living?

The final achievement in Black the Fall will be unlocked automatically near the end of the game. The Dead Man Walking achievement will pop after successfully fooling the security robot by lying in a coffin. 

If you followed the steps in this guide, you should now be able to unlock all 14 achievements and trophies in Black the Fall.


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