Watch 50 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Players Shoot a Guy in the Frying Pan

Who knew fifty players shooting a frying pan could be so glorious?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is all about trying to be the last player alive on the island and taking home that coveted Chicken Dinner. This usually leaves little room for friendly cooperation, especially with more than just a handful of players. Even when PUBG players agree to work together and remain civil, it’s only a matter of time before some buzzkill comes to gun everyone down and ruin the fun.

Thanks to a streamer named DooM49, we can get a glimpse at what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds looks like when the bloodshed stops and the shenanigans begin. DooM49 recently hosted an “epic 50 player event” in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and the results were nothing short of marvelous. 

DooM49’s highlight video, titled “Epic 50 Man Madness Highlights,” showcases fifty players who came together to see what sort of mischief they could get into when everyone decides to play nice in PUBG. From synchronized swimming to a frying pan face-off, the players in the event pulled of some truly epic stunts.

The sheer number of players made these stunts that much more delightful. We particularly enjoyed watching the fifty-man squad shoot at a frying pan tied to a guy’s butt. What’s more impressive was just how resilient the frying pan was to the bullet barrage. That’s some quality PUBG right there. Check out the glorious frying pan action in the gif above, or skip to the 02:15 mark in the video below for the full highlight.

While the entire event was an amazing feat in itself, DooM49 plans to top themselves by ramping up the next event to 100 players. It’s already impressive that so many players got to work together without some rogue dissenter coming to spoil the fun. Pulling off a 100-man peace party will be nothing short of epic, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing what shenanigans the "DooM49ers" have in store for next time.

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