The Best Nintendo Switch Games... So Far - ARMS

With the Nintendo Switch exceeding initial expectations and over 70 games available on the eShop, here’s a look at the best Switch games available thus far!


One of the many draws of the Nintendo Switch is the console’s unique Joy-Con controllers. While Nintendo tried to show off the capabilities of their new Joy-Cons with 1, 2, Switch, the game felt a bit like a flop (especially considering it didn’t come pre-packaged with the Switch).

Fortunately, ARMS swooped in and wound up being a better example of the Joy-Con’s capabilities than anyone could have imagined. ARMS not only takes advantage of the Joy-Con controllers, but it’s also extremely fun to play. ARMS gives us hope for sports games on the Nintendo Switch, as the game shows how you can have engaging boxing mechanics with a stretchy twist.

In fact, ARMS makes us wonder if Nintendo will eventually branch out and release a “Wii Sports” type of game for the Switch. If the games available are as good as ARMS, we’ll definitely grab ourselves a copy. In the meantime, ARMS is an example of a concept that’s so crazy, it works.

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