Absolver Pre-Orders Available, Special Editions Announced

Pre-order Absolver to get exclusive loot and a price reduction.

Pre-orders are now available for Sloclap’s upcoming multiplayer martial arts game, Absolver. The game’s publisher, Devolver Digital, recently announced a special limited-edition version of Absolver, along with several pre-order bonuses. 

Everyone who pre-orders Absolver will get a 10% discount, which reduces the price of the standard edition to $27, and brings the Deluxe Edition price down to $36. All Absolver pre-orders also receive the Uring Priest Gear DLC and the Labyrinth Prospect Mask. 

These are the items you can get for pre-ordering the Special Reserve Edition of Absolver.

Players willing to invest a little extra in the $75 Special Edition of Absolver can look forward to receiving the following items: 

  • A copy of Absolver (Disc for PS4, Steam Key for PC).
  • Uring Priest Gear DLC
  • A 1:1 scale wearable Prospect Mask with display base.
  • 52-Page colored Art Book featuring the art of Absolver.
  • Absolver stickers. 

Note that there’s a limited supply of Absolver Special Reserve Editions available for pre-order, so you should get your order in soon if you hope to receive this exclusive loot. 

Absolver launches on August 29th for PlayStation 4 and PC. Absolver is quickly gaining recognition for its unique stance-based combat. Check out the video above for a look at Absolver’s fluid melee combat mechanics, as well as some of the weapons and powers you can look forward to using in the game.


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