Fortnite - How to Find Treasure Chests and Safes

Follow these tips for finding valuable loot containers in Fortnite.

In Fortnite, some of the best loot is found inside of treasure chests and safes that are hidden throughout the world. Treasure chests and safes are great places to find powerful weapons, ammo, and rare resources that will help you survive the storm. Of course, these loot containers aren’t always the easiest to find, so you’ll need to know where to look if you want to reap their rewards. This guide offers several tips that will help you locate treasure chests and safes in Fortnite. 

How to Find Treasure Chests and Safes in Fortnite

Know What To Look For 

Treasure chests in Fortnite look a lot like your typical pirate booty. They’re small and made of wood, with metal around the outer edges. Safes, on the other hand, are much taller and look like a bank vault with a hand-crank door handle on the outside. Other safes in Fornite may be darker in color and much smaller. Treasure chests and safes will emit a faint glow, which will help you spot them much easier. 

Listen for a Sound 

Treasure chests in Fortnite emit a glow of light and give off a strange sound. 

Along with a faint glow, treasure chests and safes in Fortnite give off an epic sound (pun intended) when you get close enough. This is one of the best ways to find treasure and safes in Fortnite, as sometimes they are hidden behind breakable walls and are otherwise out of sight. Turn up your in-game audio and wear a headset while searching for treasure chests in Fortnite. If you hear a treasure chest sound behind a wall or somewhere nearby, get ready to tear down any walls or obstructions that might be in your way, and snag whatever precious loot you find before someone else does.

Search High and Low

As we mentioned, treasure chests and other valuable loot containers in Fortnite are usually hidden out of plain site. You’ll rarely find the best loot in Fortnite sitting on the main floor of a building. Most of the valuable goodies are tucked away and take a bit of effort to find. It’s a good thing that with enough swinging, you can pretty much destroy any object you encounter in the world. Your best bet for finding treasure chests, safes, and other loot in Fortnite is to check in the most obscure places.

Basements, Attics, and Rooftops

When looting a building or house in Fortnite, make sure to search both the basement and attic if the building has them. These tend to be common hiding spots for treasure chests and safes. For example, in Fortnite's opening mission, there's a treasure chest hidden at the top of the sniper's nest, which is easy to miss if you didn't bother to look.

If you suspect there’s a secret space behind a wall or if you hear the sound of a treasure chest, be sure to tear down the walls immediately to discover any hidden safes or containers. One easy method for clearing out buildings is to start at the top and work your way down, or vice versa. This way you can ensure you’ve checked all the rooms and won’t miss anything hidden on the rooftop or in the attic and basement. 

This strange Knight is hidden behind a wall in the shelter of Fortnite's first tutorial mission.

Banks & Police Stations

The best places to find safes in Fortnite are in bank buildings and police stations. These buildings usually contain multiple safes inside, so be sure to loot them thoroughly from top to bottom. Keep an ear open for the safe noise to track them down quickly.

Mountaintops & Caves

The same rule applies for outdoor scavenging. Treasure chests can be found high atop mountains, deep within caves, or tucked away in an underground passage. If it seems like a really obscure place to hide loot, thenthere's a good chance you'll find some kind of loot container there. It never hurts to check!

Follow these tips while scavenging for resources to improve your chances of finding treasure chests, safes, and other valuable loot containers in Fortnite.


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