More Legendary Pokemon Announced For Pokemon GO

Each Legendary will only be available for a limited time. 

Mere days after Pokemon GO got its first two Legendary Pokemon, Niantic has now announced more Legendaries will be arriving shortly. Although, players will only have a limited window of time to capture them.

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account recently confirmed that both the electric Legendary Zapdos and the fire Legendary Moltres will soon be coming to Pokemon GO, completing the trio of original Legendary bird Pokemon that started with the previous release of Articuno. However, the tweet also confirmed that all three Legendary bird Pokemon will only be available during certain periods of time.

Lugia, the other Legendary to be introduced alongside Articuno, will continue to appear in Legendary Raid battles even outside of the prescribed timeframes. Below, you'll find the dates during which each Legendary bird Pokemon will be available to capture in Pokemon GO.

  • Articuno: Now to July 31st (next Monday)
  • Moltres: July 31st to August 7th
  • Zapdos: August 7th to August 14th

Niantic has yet to announce if/when the three Legendary bird Pokemon will be made available again after the above dates (it’s assumed that the company will keep adding new Legendaries to the game and then eventually have them all on a rotating availability cycle). However, if you want first crack at them, you now at least know when exactly to get out there and start searching.

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