Fortnite - Resource Gathering and Exploration Guide

Tips for efficient exploration and resource gathering in Fortnite.

Before you begin building your home base in Fortnite, you’ll need to gather resources and crafting materials first by exploring the map. Knowing how to efficiently explore each randomized map will allow you to obtain better loot and rare materials for your journey ahead. This guide offers several tips that will help you efficiently gather resources in Fortnite. 

Wait to Complete Objectives 

In order to find the best loot in Fortnite, you’ll need to take time to thoroughly explore the map for hidden treasure chests and other secrets. It may seem natural to simply head to the objective marker and get the mission rolling, but completing mission objectives too quickly will significantly cut into your exploration time. Take the time you have between mission objectives to farm crafting materials and search for resources. The more thoroughly you explore, the better loot you’ll find. 

Use the Outlander Class

The Outlander is the best character type to use for scavenging in Fortnite. The Outlander specializes in harvesting resources and finding valuable loot. The Outlander gets a movement speed buff while gathering resources. While exploring as an Outlander, you’ll receive visual cues that can lead you to the location of hidden treasure or loot. If you want to accelerate your resource gathering capabilities, then the Outlander class is for you.

Search vs Destroy

While pretty much everything you find in a map can be broken down with a pickaxe, this isn’t always the best way to gather resources. Some containers and objects will contain valuable items such as ammo or crafting materials inside that can only be obtained by manually searching the container. Destroying a container can cause you to miss out on valuable loot and resources. Before you go swinging at an oil barrel or pile of crates in Fortnite, make sure to search them for loot first. Keep in mind that you can also gather materials from an object each time you hit it, without destroying it.

Listen for Treasure Chests

Treasure chests and safes in Fortnite emit a faint glow and will resonate with a strange, epic sound. This sound can help you track down treasure chests hidden behind walls or tucked away from view. Listen for the epic sound that treasure chests give off while you’re exploring the map, and you just might hit the jackpot.  

Find Survivors

While exploring the map, you’ll encounter Survivors who can reward you with loot or special bonuses for your whole team. Some Survivors need you to fight off a handful of monsters, while others will simply talk with you if you interact with them. Look for Survivors in small wooden shacks, on top of vehicles, or in other obscure places.

Tear Down Those Walls

This Knight was hidden behind a wall in Fortnite's opening tutorial mission.

Even when you thoroughly search a building in Fortnite, there’s a chance that there are more secrets hidden behind its walls. Some buildings have secret rooms that contain treasure chests or other loot that can only be discovered upon tearing down its walls. Listen for treasure chests, as this can often indicate a hidden passage behind walls or objects.

The same goes for basements. If you are searching a house that doesn’t seem to have a basement, make your own basement entrance by busting through the bottom floor to ensure you don’t miss any valuable weapons or resources. 

Look for Gnomes

Weapons and crafting materials aren’t the only things you can find while exploring in Fortnite. Eventually, you’ll come across garden gnomes hidden in obscure places. When a garden gnome is destroyed, there is a chance to obtain resources such as an Active Power Cell or other crafting materials. Destroying garden gnomes will also help you complete the Go Gnome trophy achievement in Fortnite.

Complete Badge Objectives

As you explore the Fortnite world with your team, you can improve the level of your loot box reward by completing objectives during a mission. Loot boxes at level four or higher tend to have the best loot, so you’ll want to work towards completing various objectives to unlock Badges and increase your loot box level.

Some of the best objectives to complete include revealing the entire map, completing the map missions in under two days, and starting base building within a certain time frame. Completing mission objectives will help you get a higher-level loot box when finished. 

Follow these tips to efficiently explore the map and gather valuable resources and loot in Fortnite. 

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