Fortnite - How to Give Permissions to Build at Storm Shield Base

Give your friends building permissions at your Homebase Storm Shield in Fortnite.

Since Fortnite is primarily a cooperative building game, you’ll eventually want to give your friends permission to build at your base during Storm Shield missions. Players can only build when given permission from their party leader, and party leaders will have to manually give permissions to each player in their party. This guide will explain how to give building permissions to friends and teammates in Fortnite. 

When playing one of the Storm Shield multiplayer missions, only the party leader can build around their Homebase Storm Shield until they grant permissions to other party members. When another player attempts to build walls, traps, or other objects, they will receive a notification that says they must get the owner’s permission first. This is done as a means to prevent griefers and trolls from trying to build unwanted objects or modify existing ones without consent from the base owner. 

How to Give Build Permissions in Fortnite

In order to give friends building permissions in Fortnite, the party leader will need to access the main Storm Shield computer terminal on the left corner of the Storm Shield pyramid. Interacting with the Storm Shield computer brings up a display that has three tabs at the top: Shield, Storage, and Defenders. 

Select the Shield tab to bring up another window with two more categories: Storm Shield and Permissions. Select the Permissions tab (RT or R2) to bring up the list of players currently visiting your Storm Shield. 

Current party members will be listed under the Permissions List.

Go through the Permissions List and select the players that you’d like to give build permissions to. Once a player’s name is check marked, they will be allowed to deploy traps, build, harvest, and destroy items while visiting your Homebase Storm Shield, so be sure to select players you trust. 

Now that you know how to give friends permissions to build in Fortnite, you’ll be ready to gather resources together and start building up your Storm Shield’s defenses.

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