Fortnite - How to Craft Weapons Using Schematics

Learn how to craft new weapons in Fortnite using weapon schematics.

As you play through missions and slay Husks in Fortnite, your weapon's durability will eventually go down, causing the weapon to break. There's no way to repair weapons in Fortnite, so you'll have to make new ones instead. While some weapons can be found through exploration, most of your new weaponry will come from Schematics. This guide will explain how to craft, recycle, and upgrade weapons using Schematics in Fortnite. 

Before you can even think about using Schematics of any kind, you’ll need to explore the map and gather resources so that you have the necessary crafting materials. Follow our Resource Gathering and Exploration Guide for details on how to efficiently farm resources and discover valuable loot in Fortnite.

Weapon Durability

Each weapon in Fortnite has a durability rating that determines how long the weapon will last. As you use weapons, they will deteriorate over time and eventually break. There is currently no way to repair weapons in Fortnite, so you must find or craft new weapons when this happens. Keep an eye on the colored bar on the edge of a weapon's icon to manage its durability. When a weapon breaks down, you can replace it by crafting a new weapon using one of your Schematics. 

How to Craft Weapons with Schematics

Schematics are often found in Treasure Chests throughout the world and can also be earned as a Loot Llama reward from the Homebase menu. Once you have a Schematic for a weapon that you want to craft, check to see that you have the crafting ingredients needed to craft the weapon. This is found under the Crafting tab of the Schematic you’ve selected in your inventory.

If you are missing crafting ingredients for a Schematic, you can track the ingredients by selecting the Track button in the Schematic inventory. This will pin the crafting ingredients for the selected weapon onto the lower left corner of your display upon entering a mission.

The Crafting Process

You have to be in a mission to craft new items in Fortnite, not just on the main Homebase menu. When it comes time to craft a new weapon, you can do so by opening your inventory during a mission and selecting the weapon you want to craft under Schematics. On the left, you'll see the resources needed to craft the weapon. Click the Craft button at the bottom of the display, or press "C" on your keyboard to craft the weapon, ammunition, or trap.After a brief pause, the item will be added to your inventory and you will be able to equip it from there.

Recycling Schematics

Your inventory space is limited, which means you must manage your Schematics and other items to ensure you’re only keeping the items you need. As you gain higher leveled Schematics, you can recycle older Schematics to free up inventory space and earn back additional Schematic XP.

To recycle unwanted Schematics, open the Schematics inventory and select Recycle. From here, mark which weapon Schematics you wish to recycle, then select Confirm Recycle. Some Schematics will require you to unlock a specific Skill Node first before they can be recycled, while others are permanent and thus cannot be recycled at all. 

Upgrading Schematics

When you collect enough Schematic XP, you can use them to level up your favorite weapon and trap Schematics in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Schematics each have their own leveling and can be upgraded to improve the weapon’s stats. For every five levels a Schematic gets upgraded, a stat bonus will unlock that applies to the weapon upon crafting. Weapon level-ups can be done as soon as you earn enough experience to do so, but we recommend waiting until you get a high-rarity Schematic for a weapon you prefer before spending precious Schematic XP to level it up. 

Now that you know how to craft weapons using Schematics in Fortnite, you shouldn’t have any issue managing your weapon inventory.

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