Dream Daddy Deploys First Update, Amanda's Bad Ending Unlocked

A new update for Dream Daddy fixes a variety of performance issues, including the path towards unlocking Amanda’s bad ending. 

Dream Daddy has exploded on Steam, and players have been scrabbling to unlock the game’s variety of achievements including Amanda’s elusive “bad ending.” Unfortunately, the bad ending was reportedly bugged, making your negative choices ineffective. In the first Dream Daddy update, the bad ending bug has been fixed, as have a number of other performance issues (including Joseph’s creepy twins following you around).

To recap everything that was fixed, we’ve listed the full Dream Daddy patch notes down below!

Dream Daddy - First Update, Patch Notes

Below, you'll find the full Dream Daddy update patch notes!
  • Fixed inconsistency in mother/father choice during the intro. You know how forgetful Dads can be but that was a bit much.
  • Corrected other consistency errors based on player choices during the intro, especially during the cookout.
  • Fixed a variety of animation/character movement/transition bugs throughout the game.
  • Also fixed a handful of grammar, spelling, and dialogue issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Joseph's twins to randomly reappear in the Diner in Craig's path. We're not always gonna be around to fight your battles for you, but this was a weird one. Those kids had to go.
  • Rebalanced choices related to Amanda so it should be easier to see her bad ending. Honestly we're not sure why you'd want to do that, it seems like you two have a nice relationship.
  • Quizzmaster Quinn is more talkative now.
  • Did some work in the backyard. The old tree is looking more idyllic than ever.
  • Adjusted texture settings, solving Daisy's weird pixelated appearance. She's a high-quality kid and doesn't deserve such low-quality treatment.
  • Tweaks and balancing for the Hugo Date 1 minigame.
  • Tweaks and balancing for the Brian date 1 minigame. A competitive Dad should get a reward for beating all 18 holes now.
  • Brand new, fully Dad minigame during Robert Date 2.

There you have it, everything that was adjusted in the first Dream Daddy update. Now all that’s left is to load up the game and try your hand at Amanda’s bad ending as well as Joseph’s secret ending. Speaking of which, has anyone been able to legitimately unlock Joseph’s bad ending now that the first Dream Daddy patch has deployed? Let us know in the comments below!

By reading through this article, you should now be up-to-speed on the first Dream Daddy update.

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