WWE Tap Mania: How to Level Up Wrestlers and Unlock Superstars

A guide to leveling up wrestlers and getting Superstars in WWE Tap Mania.

In WWE Tap Mania, you’ll need to know how to level up wrestlers and unlock new ones in order to build strong teams of Superstars. The more you upgrade your favorite wrestlers, the more bonuses they’ll unlock to help them survive each main event. Follow these simple tips to learn how to level up your wrestlers and upgrade your roster of Superstars in WWE Tap Mania.  

How to Level Up Wrestlers

All you'll need to level up wrestlers in WWE Tap Mania is a ton of in-game cash and a bit of dedication. To level up a wrestler in your roster, simply tap on their icon during a match, or press the Level Up button when viewing your Superstar’s profile in the Superstar tab. Tap and hold a wrestler’s icon to level them up even faster. The amount of cash needed to level up each wrestler is indicated next to the cash symbol on their profile icon. 

As you brawl your way through each stage, you’ll need to constantly level up your team while they’re fighting. Leveling up wrestlers will unlock new skills and bonuses that improve your team’s damage output and special abilities. The more you level up your Superstars, the stronger they become. The blue upgrade bar above a Superstar will grant a DPS increase that makes your wrestler stronger, while the purple upgrade bar indicates that a new skill is available for that fighter. 

Tip: It’s best to keep each Superstar in your roster at or near the same level to ensure that they all progress evenly and won’t be knocked out prior to a main event. 

Unlocking Superstar Perks

Superstar Perks can be unlocked using Perk Points, indicated by the small red pentagon icon in your menu. To upgrade a Superstar’s perk, select the Cards tab and tap the wrestler you’d like to upgrade. Under their perk menu, you can see what perks are available for that Superstar along with the Perk Point and Star requirement for each. Tap the bar below a perk to upgrade the perk and earn its boost. 

To unlock Perks for your personal Superstar, you'll need to Prestige first. Each time you Prestige, a new Superstar Perk will unlock beneath your Superstar on their profile. Prestige progress can be tracked within the Objectives tab.

How to Get New Superstars

Complete Objectives

As you continue through each stage in WWE Tap Mania, you can unlock new Superstars to add to your roster. Some of your earliest hires will come from completing Objectives to unlock stronger wrestlers. Check the Objectives tab regularly to see if you have any new objectives that reward new Superstars. 

Keep Playing Through Stages

One of the easiest ways to unlock new Superstar wrestlers is to simply keep playing. As you complete Main Events and progress further through the stages, you can unlock new Superstars as a reward. Sometimes you will also receive shards that are put toward unlocking a new wrestler. You can obtain new Superstars when you earn enough purple shards to unlock their card. 

While new Superstars can be obtained for free, keep in mind that hiring them for your roster can sometimes come at a price. You can replace members of your team by selecting the Cards tab and swapping them with different Superstars in your inventory, but this typically costs money. Make sure you are happy with your roster lineup before shelling out cash to swap wrestlers. 

Completing objectives and playing through each stage are easy ways to unlock new Superstars in WWE Tap Mania.

Unlock Card Packs

If you’re desperate for new Superstars in WWE Tap Mania and have some real-world cash to spare, you can always purchase a few card packs in the in-game Shop. Every few hours, you can unlock a free pack in the Shop that may include a new Superstar or other items. Purple shards can be used to upgrade and unlock new wrestlers as well, which are also available in card packs. 

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