Dark and Light - How to Tame Creatures

Find out all the steps needed to tame various creatures in Dark and Light. 

For newcomers to Dark and Light, you may be wondering how to tame the game’s various different wild creatures. While the process may not be too challenging in theory, practicing and perfecting your taming skills can take time.

To help you become a pro, we put together a quick guide that will help you learn how to tame creatures in Dark and Light.

Dark and Light - Taming Equipment

Below, you'll find the items needed to tame creatures in Dark and Light.

The first step towards knowing how to tame creatures in Dark and Light boils down to equipment. Prior to attempting to tame a creature, you’ll need to have a few items on hand including a Bow, a Stone Hook Arrow, and a Feeding Trough. So, how do you get these items?

How to Make a Bow

In order to use a Bow, you’ll need to have Rank 2 in Ranged Combat (thus giving you the ability to tame creatures in Dark and Light). A Bow can be made using x15 Wood and x50 Twine.

How to Make a Stone Hook Arrow

Once you have your Bow, you’ll need to craft special arrows for it known as Stone Hook Arrows. These arrows boast a special effect which makes taming creatures in Dark and Light easier. Again, you’ll only be able to craft these arrows with a Rank 2 in Ranged Combat. To craft a Stone Hook Arrow you’ll need x1 Stone-tipped Arrow, x1 Magic Shards, x5 Twine, and x3 Charcoal.

What Creatures Can I Tame in Dark and Light

Below, you'll find a list of creatures you can tame in Dark and Light.

With your gear ready to go, you may be wondering which creatures are able to be tamed in Dark and Light. While the game boasts quite a few creatures (150 according to the bestiary), only a few can actually be tamed. These creatures include both carnivores and herbivores, and in order to tame them, you’ll need to have the correct food on hand.

For herbivores, you’ll want to have Grass, Apples, pre-made Herbivore Feed, and Rare Plants. For carnivores, make sure you have either Rotten Meat, Raw Meat, Raw Fine Meat, or pre-made Carnivore Feed. Below, we’ve listed a few notable creatures you can tame in Dark and Light:

  • Sheep
  • Boars
  • Horses
  • Deer
  • Grut
  • Stags
  • Hyenas
  • Wolves
  • Bears
  • Vrocks
  • Wyvern
  • Yeti

How to Catch and Tame Creatures in Dark and Light

Below, you'll find the steps needed to catch and tame creatures in Dark and Light.

With your supplies ready and a basic understanding of what kind of food your desired creature will want, it’s time to head out in search of a creature to tame in Dark and Light. After you track down your intended creature, you’ll need to whip out your bow and aim for them using your Stone Hook Arrow.

Once you’ve successfully hit the creature with your arrow, you’ll need to left-click in order to hook the other end of the rope to the ground, thus rooting the creature in place. Note that your special Stone Hook Arrows won’t stake effect until these hooks have been placed. If your creature begins to run, the hook will begin to embed causing the torpor effect to start. If your creature is aggressive, you may need to fire multiple Stone Hook Arrows in order to pin them down.

Be sure to place your Feeding Trough next to the creature you wish to tame in Dark and Light.

After the creature is finally sedated, place your Feeding Trough beside it and fill it with its preferred type of food. When the creature begins to eat the food, the taming process will initiate. Should the effects of the Stone Hook Arrow begin to wear off before the creature is fully tamed, you can fire another arrow at it. Other than that, wait for the taming process to finish, and you’ll have your fully tamed creature of choice in Dark and Light!

What’s the hardest creature you’ve tried to tame in Dark and Light? Be sure to share your adventures down in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to tame a creature in Dark and Light.

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