The Witcher Gets Adult Coloring Book Adaptation

Get your blood red and flesh colored pencils ready because Dark Horse Comics is releasing a Witcher-themed adult coloring book! 

The trend of adult coloring books continues to grow with adaptations of everything from Game of Thrones to The Legend of Zelda. While both of these examples are cool, they’re nowhere near as cool as the recently announced adult coloring book adaptation of The Witcher. Yes, you read that correctly. CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse Comics are teaming up to release an exclusive Witcher-themed adult coloring book.

Looking over the previews, you can see examples of the book's ready-to-color images including Geralt sprawled out in a bathtub, Geralt trying to wrangle an uncooperative Roach, as well as some pretty bloody cover art. While we haven’t seen anything that hints towards nudes of Triss and Yennefer, the 96-page coloring book will reportedly include Geralt’s primary lovers as well as Ciri and Shani in “a variety of fantastic settings.”

To get an idea as to the book’s artistic style, contributing artists include Marianna Strychowska (who provided the cover art), Yu-Chen Tang, and Scott Wade. If you're eager to snag a copy, the Witcher adult coloring book is set to release this coming November and is priced at $14.99 (USD). The coloring book is also available for pre-order over on the official Dark Horse website.

What do you think, will you be picking up the new Witcher-themed adult coloring book, or have you grown bored with the adult coloring book trend?

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