Tacoma - All Housecat Locations

Here's where to find all seven AR Housecats in Tacoma.

While exploring the Tacoma Space Station, you can find a special AR housecat named Margaret Catwood hiding in various AR Crew Recordings throughout the station. Locating each AR housecat and zooming in on it to show its name will allow players to unlock the Catsitter achievement

This guide explains where to spot each AR housecat in various modules of the Tacoma Space Station. Follow our guide to find all seven AR housecat locations in Tacoma. 

Personnel Module

AR Housecat #1: Upon finding the Crew Recording in the Administration area, head to the room where E.V. St. James is pacing across the room. Look for a chair in the corner by the calendar to find an AR housecat sitting on top. 

AR Housecat #2: After finding the Crew Recording in Operations, head to the laundry room. Look up at the air vent to find another AR housecat resting on top where the vent curves. 

Biomedical Module 

AR Housecat #3: During the Botany Crew Recording, follow Sareh to the Food Storage area in the Biomedical Module. The room on the left has round containers labeled with cows. Look above the containers to find the AR housecat on top of the grates. 

AR Housecat #4: Head to the Medical sector of the Biomedical Module and find the Crew Recording. Enter the medical examination room, then continue into the Imaging area. Here you’ll find an AR housecat tucked beneath the main exam table. 

Engineering Module 

AR Housecat #5: Upon finding the Mechanical Engineering Crew Recording in the Engineering Module, go left from the main entrance to find the Power Cell Room. The next pink AR housecat is found sleeping atop one of the power cells, just above the fan. 

AR Housecat #6: While still in Engineering, find the Network Technology Crew Recording. While facing Sareh, turn around and look upwards at the windowsills above the stairs. Look closely to spot another housecat near the highest point opposite the door that just opened. 

The Hub

AR Housecat #7: When you find the final AR Crew Recording in The Hub at the end of the game, you’ll see the AR housecat one last time being held in one of the crew member’s arms. 

Now that you know where to locate all of the AR housecats in the Tacoma Space Station, you can easily unlock the Catsitter achievement in Tacoma.


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