LawBreakers – Game Modes Breakdown

We break down each of the four main game modes in LawBreakers.

If you recently picked up LawBreakers, you may be wondering what sets each of the four different game modes apart. While LawBreakers is a purely competitive shooter, it does offer a decent amount of choices when it comes to deciding how you’d like to put the fast-paced FPS hurt on your opponents.

In this guide, we’ll run through the four major game modes in LawBreakers and explain what makes each of them unique.

Turf War

In LawBreakers, the Turf War game mode requires teams to hold three different capture points.

Turf War is basically LawBreakers’ version of the classic “Domination” game type in which two teams vie for control of three different capture spots spread around the map.

However, Turf War is a little different in that a team doesn’t slowly accumulate large sums of points by holding capture spots. Instead, a single point is awarded every time a team captures and/or recaptures a spot, and the first team to reach 16 points wins the match.

If a 15/15 point tie situation occurs, the match transitions into an overtime portion where the first team to earn two more points (thus reaching 17 points total) wins.


In LawBreakers, the Blitzball game mode closely resembles Capture the Flag.

Again, the Blitzball mode in LawBreakers takes inspiration from an existing competitive match type, this time Capture the Flag.

A single energy ball spawns in the middle of the map and two teams clash in order to secure the ball, bring it into the opposing team’s base, and get the ball through the enemy base’s goal, with the first team reaching eight points being declared the winner.

Of course, since it takes a few seconds to actually pick up the ball when reaching it, you have to exercise caution since going for the ball also makes you a prime target.


In LawBreakers, Uplink is a unique game mode where teams have to secure a device that spawns in the center of the map.

Uplink is one of LawBreakers’ more unique modes as it combines multiple competitive gameplay types into a single mode.

Similar to Blitz Ball, two teams must try to secure a device that spawns in the center of the map, but once they have the device, they then have to bring it back to their own base.

When the device is secure, it starts downloading data, at which point the team holding the device has to defend it for roughly 20 or so seconds, scoring a point if they successfully do so (the first team to three points wins).

However, if the opposing team steals the device, the download process resets entirely, meaning Uplink matches tend to be drawn out and highly chaotic.


In LawBreakers, the Overcharge game mode resembles Uplink with a different device to fight over.

Last but not least, the Overcharge mode in LawBreakers is quite similar to Uplink in that teams once again fight over a central device in order to bring it back to their base.

However, in Overcharge the device is a battery, and the charging process doesn’t reset if one team manages to steal the battery from the other team.

This means that the defense process actually grows more stressful the closer it gets to completion since, if one team manages to steal the battery when it’s close to full charge, they can just bring it back to their own base, finish the charge, and score an easy point (first team to three points wins).

By reading through this guide, you should now know more about each of the four game modes in LawBreakers.



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