Guerilla Games Pledge Long-Term Support For Decima Engine

Horizon Zero Dawn proved how powerful the engine can be.

While a large majority of game developers tend to outsource the use of the game engine that drives their latest project, some developers choose instead to create their own in-house engine. This is a process which certainly equates to a lot of extra work, but which can pay off big time in the long run.

Case and point, Guerilla Games and its Decima Engine, a game engine which has already proven to be an invaluable tool and will continue to do so in the coming years. Guerilla has already proven how amazing the Decima Engine can be since the studio used the engine to power its most recent title, Horizon Zero Dawn.

While Horizon Zero Dawn’s gameplay and story may not be everyone’s cup of tea, no one can deny that the game is absolutely gorgeous. Especially considering it’s able to render environments and effects that can leave even the haughtiest of graphics snobs in awe. It’s probably no wonder then that Hideo Kojima himself is using the Decima Engine for his upcoming game Death Stranding.

As for Guerilla Games itself, it too plans to take full advantage of the Decima Engine for the foreseeable future. In a recent interview with Interactive, Guerilla’s managing director Herman Hulst said that the studio is “investing heavily” in the Decima Engine, and fans will soon be able to see that investment pay off yet again thanks to Horizon Zero Dawn’s upcoming DLC expansion, The Frozen Wilds.

The Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t set to arrive until November 7th, but in the meantime you can at least read about how Guerrilla Games managed to slip a Death Stranding Easter Egg into the base game.


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