New Cuphead Game Mode Announced at Gamescom

The replayability factor of Cuphead just went through the roof following an exciting announcement at Gamescom 2017. 

A plethora of new information and images came out for Cuphead during Gamescom 2017. In addition, a brand new game mode was announced that will help increase Cuphead’s replayability factor.

The new mode, known as “New Game+” will unlock once you’ve completed Cuphead. While not much is known about the mode, it appears players will be able to retain weapons from their first playthrough, then use them in another playthrough to fight off harder enemies.

Even better, players will be given infinite lives, negating the frustration of having to start over from the start each and every time you die. There will also be a save system and a revive system in co-op to make the challenging platformer a little less punishing.

During Microsoft’s Gamescom converence, Studio MDHR artist and producer Maja Moldenhauer explained that the New Game+ mode was one of Cuphead’s modern nods.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Cuphead, it’s a retro style indie platformer from brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. The art was inspired by old 1930s cartoons, and features animation designed to replicate a 1930s 24 frames per second style, all while running at 60fps.

This mixture of frame rates can be confusing, so to learn more about how the game was animated, be sure to check out this extensive Cuphead preview and interview with devs courtesy of Time magazine.

Cuphead will release on September 29th on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. To grab yourself a copy, be sure to pre-order Cuphead on the Microsoft Store.

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