Absolver – How To Learn The Stagger Style

Learn how to unlock the hidden art of drunken boxing.

In Sloclap’s new martial arts adventure title Absolver, players can learn various combat moves and fighting styles as they progress through the game. When first making a new character, a player can select one of three different “starter styles” (Forsaken, Windfall, or Khalt) to begin with.

However, what newer players may not know is that there’s also a hidden fourth style, a style known as ‘Stagger,’ that can also be unlocked. In the below guide, we’ll show you how you can earn the Stagger style for yourself, a style which replicates the infamous art of drunken boxing.

Trial By Combat

In order to “prove yourself worthy” of training in the Stagger style, you have to first defeat a special mini-boss NPC named Jinn Mesca, the titular Master of the Golden Bottle.

However, a series of hidden criteria need to be met before Mesca will appear. Some reports say you have to first finish Absolver’s story campaign and level up your character to a minimum of level 15, though others say that simply reaching level 15 is enough. Once you trigger the criteria for making Jinn Mesca appear, he’ll show up in one of several locations:

  • The upper bridge connecting the Tower of Adal to the large courtyard near the Oratian Quarter.
  • On the path connecting the Adalian Columbary with the Tower of Adal.
  • Under a large tree located on the Hunting Path.
  • On a rooftop near the river in the Central Harbor.

Of course, merely finding Mesca is literally only half the battle, since you must then best him in combat. Mesca will employ the Stagger style himself, and he’ll also start using a sword when his health is low, a sword that can quickly drain your health if you’re not careful. Once you do manage to defeat Mesca, there’s still one final step to take before the Stagger style is yours.

Student To Master

With Mesca defeated, you’ll be able to open a previously locked door that’s located near the altar in the Raslan Coliseum (the area where you fought the game’s first proper boss, Kuretz). Head through the door and down the path to meet a new NPC named Rakkio. When you speak to Rakkio, he’ll offer you the opportunity to join his school, and doing so will grant access to the Stagger style and a special combat deck filled with Stagger moves.

If you want to master the Stagger moves and add them to your full unlocked move repertoire, you can seek out and fight Jinn Mesca again since he’ll continue to spawn in his distinct locations even after you have met with Rakkio. If you’re feeling brave, you can also go up against other players who have the Stagger style unlocked.

For more Absolver guide coverage, be sure to check out our full guide on all of the game’s Marked One mini-bosses and where you can find them.


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