Smash Bros Mod Brings Shirtless Mario Into The Fray

Don’t worry, Mario’s nipples made the jump as well.

A few days ago, Nintendo shared a seemingly innocent tweet that featured Mario in a pair of swim trunks, a tweet that quickly led the collective internet to freak out in all the best ways possible.

Now, some intrepid fan modders have quickly capitalized on shirtless Mario’s newfound fame by creating a custom “Shirtless Mario” skin for the Wii U's Super Smash Bros.

The new Shirtless Mario skin for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U (also known as Smash 4) was created by the modding team SmashingRenders, a team which, as you might infer from its name, has a long history of creating custom outfits and other items for various Super Smash games.

While Nintendo doesn’t officially condone or support fan-made mods for its games, that hasn’t stopped dedicated users and players from creating tons of custom content that can be used on modified Nintendo consoles. Shirtless Mario is just the latest in the long line of such custom-created content, but boy oh boy is he sure to be a hit amongst fans.

The mod, which you can download here, is surprisingly detailed, including not only the swim trunks outfit (nipples and all) for Mario in actual matches, but also custom UI that allows him to display his shirtless duds in various menus including the character select screen. SmashingRenders even went so far as to put in some custom code that allows Mario to retain his shirtless look even when he grabs a Metal power-up.

Obviously since Nintendo doesn’t officially support such endeavors, you download and use the Shirtless Mario mod at your own risk, but come on, how could you resist a beach bod like that?


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