Sloclap Discusses Absolver Content Updates In New Steam Post

The studio also clarifies the sort of game it wanted Absolver to be.

One could definitely argue that Sloclap’s new martial arts/adventure game Absolver has been one of the surprise hits of 2017, but prevalent server issues and infrequent updates have meant that not all about the game’s launch has been smooth sailing.

Now, Sloclap itself has provided a lengthy text update on the current state of Absolver, what sorts of new features players can expect in the future, and what exactly its ultimate vision for the game is.

The full Steam Discussions update, which you can read here, starts off by saying that, while Absolver’s recent 1.05 patch did a lot to fix the game’s server issues, it also caused its own share of new problems, problems which the studio is working hard to address in a timely fashion.

Patch 1.06 should arrive in the next few days, and it mostly consists of minor tweaks that should hopefully result in more balanced gameplay (a preliminary list of patch notes is included in the discussion post). As for future content additions, the post confirms that Sloclap plans to implement all of the following at some point:

  • A prestige system for max-level players.
  • The ability to reallocate your character’s stat points.
  • A more refined inventory system with different colors of gear rarity.
  • New equipment.
  • A built-in anti-cheat system.
  • Structured PvP additions such as a 3v3 mode, private 1v1 matches, and a spectator mode.
  • New combat moves.
  • A new fighting style.

Lastly, Sloclap took a moment to say that it never intended for Absolver to be a particularly deep PvE experience (the core of the game was always meant to be PvP combat), and it apologized to any players who got the wrong impression based on previews it showed for Absolver in the past.

PvE is still a sizeable part of Absolver (and Sloclap says it plans to bring more PvE content to the game at some point), but Sloclap’s ultimate vision for the game is as an online social experience where players meet, interact with, and (most importantly) fight each other.


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