Slime Rancher Lucky Slime Pillow Now Available for Pre-Order

Pre-orders for the Lucky Slime pillow are available now while supplies last.

Slime Rancher fans can rest easy with the new Lucky Slime pillow from WeLoveFine. Those who pre-order the adorable Lucky Slime pillow can expect it to arrive mid-December, just in time for the holidays. 

The Lucky Slime pillow is just one of many official Slime Rancher products sold on WeLoveFine. This is also where Slime Rancher fans can purchase certain Slime Rancher plushies, which have been in high demand amongst the community since the release of Slime Rancher back in August. Some fans were hoping that the Lucky Slime would also come in plushie form, but perhaps a pillow is the next best thing.

The Lucky Slime Pillow costs $25 USD on

The product description of the Lucky Slime pillow happens to be just as witty as the Slimepedia entries from Slime Rancher: 

“Unlike its wild counterpart, this Lucky Slime has been the cause of numerous folk claiming to have lost fortunes. A local farmer reported a strange feeling of "becoming overwhelmed with the need to throw money at it" when they came across the product page for the pillow. Investigations are still underway.” 

The Lucky Slime pillow costs $25 USD and is available for pre-order now on WeLoveFine. You may want to act fast if you want to grab this pillow, because they might sell out just as quickly as the plushies did several months ago. Check out our Lucky Slime Guide to find out more about this coveted feline slime in Slime Rancher.


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