Stardew Valley's Nintendo Switch Port Approved

Development on the Switch version is reportedly on the home stretch and an official release date is set to be announced soon.

It has been a while since we heard any major news regarding Stardew Valley’s upcoming Nintendo Switch port (a port which was originally unveiled a little under a year ago). However, the indie farming sim’s publisher Chucklefish has now confirmed that the Switch version of Stardew Valley is nearing completion and that a release date should be announced shortly.

Chucklefish’s CEO Finn Brice recently confirmed via Twitter that the Switch version of Stardew Valley has been “approved” (we assume by Nintendo’s QA team) and that Chucklefish is now in the process of finalizing a release date.

No additional details could be shared at this time, but Brice promised he will keep fans informed as to when exactly they’ll be able to play Stardew Valley from the comfort of their Switch console.

In addition to the Switch port, Chucklefish is also still working on the promised multiplayer mode for Stardew Valley, a mode which will allow players to bring up to three of their friends into their game. A player who visits another player’s world will be able to perform many of the same actions as the hosting player, including (but not limited to) foraging, mining, participating in festivals and other events, and even getting married to eligible NPC’s.

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode is expected to begin its beta testing phase close to the end of 2017, with a full launch set for early 2018 if all goes well. At first, the multiplayer mode will only be available on Stardew Valley’s PC version, but if it goes off without any major hitches, Chucklefish will then bring the mode over to the game’s console ports (including the Switch).

Along with its upcoming Nintendo Switch version and base PC version, Stardew Valley is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.   


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