Homescapes - Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Check out the best tips, tricks, and cheats for Homescapes to let you breeze through the match-3 puzzles.

Homescapes includes a similar match-3 puzzle to Gardenscapes, and mastering them can require learning a few handy tips, tricks, and cheats. Developed by Playrix Games, Homescapes follows Austin the Butler from Gardenscapes as he pays a visit to his parent’s home.

Upon arrival, he notes that the entire house is falling apart. In order to straighten things up, you’ll need to play through a variety of match-3 puzzle games in order to help Austin remodel and restore his parent’s home.

To give you a helping hand with these puzzles, we put together a guide on the best tips, tricks, and cheats in Homescapes!

Tips, tricks, and cheats in Homescapes

Homescapes cheats tips and tricks
Below, we list a variety of tips, tricks, and cheats to help you get through the match-3 puzzle games in Homescapes.

Save Moves

It’s important when playing through the match-3 puzzle games in Homescapes to save moves. In the beginning, it may seem as though you have more moves than you need to clear the board. This may be true, however, saving moves has additional benefits aside from giving you wiggle room should you make a mistake.

For every move you have left over after finishing a level in Homescape, you’ll receive a special piece on the puzzle board. Typically, these special pieces will reveal themselves to be Rockets. However, on rare occasions, you’ll end up with Bombs. If you’re lucky enough to earn Bombs, they set off an explosion that will award you a wealth of bonus coins. With coins being extremely important in Homescapes, you’ll want to save as many moves as you can!

Create Paper Planes

Another key to the match-3 puzzle match games in Homescapes centers around the act of creating Paper Planes. To create a Paper Plane, you’ll need to match four pieces in a square or box formation. With your Paper Plane created, you can use it to clear out a piece or even break a locked piece for free.

Additionally, if you need to carpet an area, you can use a Paper Plane and it’ll target an uncarpeted area. Paper Planes are one of the best boosters to use in Homescapes due to how versatile they are. Create them whenever possible, as you never know when you might need them!

Maximize Your Rockets

Homescapes Cheats
To save moves, you'll need to maxmize the power of your Rockets in Homescapes.

In addition to Paper Planes, Rockets can be a handy booster for completing puzzle games in Homescapes. Rockets work by clearing rows and/or columns. Additionally, they can be a lifesaver on carpeting levels. During these levels, you’re tasked with covering the entire puzzle board with carpet. To do this, you need to match pieces already on the carpet in order to spread it.

These levels can eat up your moves. Fortunately, Rockets can be used to breeze through carpet levels as they spread carpet regardless of where the Rockets are located. Try to maximize your Rockets by using them to cover tucked away areas where it’s harder to clear columns and rows. Don’t waste your Rockets. Instead, learn where they make the biggest difference and use them to your advantage!

The Power of the Rainbow Ball

While Rockets and Paper Planes are great, nothing will get you through the match-3 games in Homescapes quite like the Rainbow Ball. To create a Rainbow Ball, simply match five tiles in a row or column. With your Rainbow Ball, you can remove every tile on the board that matches the color you swap the Rainbow Ball with.

Overall, the Rainbow Ball can be one of the best ways to get through a match-3 game using as little moves as possible. For example, say your goal is to collect a certain tile type. Create a Rainbow Ball and match it with that tile type to complete the puzzle fast. Pay attention to the board, and if the opportunity to create a Rainbow Ball presents itself, snatch it up!

Earn More Coins

Cheats and tips for Homescapes
Coins are extremely valuable in Homescapes, so be sure to earn as many as you can.

There are a variety of ways in which you can earn coins in Homescapes. Naturally, completing match-3 puzzle games and having leftover moves is a great way to rack up coins. However, there are other ways to increase your coin income. One way is by finishing out the day. After completing a day’s worth of tasks in Homescapes, you’ll rake in thousands of coins.

As such, you’ll want to strive towards finishing the day before you take a quick Homescapes break. You can also earn 1,000 bonus coins by connecting Homescapes to your Facebook account, thus giving you the ability to play with your friends. Additionally, be sure to login every day and play through the game to earn coin bonuses. The more coins you earn, the easier it’ll be to swap furniture, buy Boosters, and progress through Homescapes.

There you have it, a look at some tips, tricks, and cheats that can help you breeze through the match-3 puzzle games in Homescapes. How far have you gotten in Homescapes? What tips would you give to new players? Let us know down in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now be a mster of match-3 puzzles and know a variety of tips, tricks, and cheats for Homescapes.

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