Slime Rancher - How to Get to the Wilds from Ogden's Retreat

Here’s how to reach the Wilds in Slime Rancher’s Ogden’s Wild update.

The Ogden’s Wild update for Slime Rancher is finally out, and players are eager to explore the mysterious new region called the Wilds. A slew of other changes and bug fixes were made alongside this free content update, so it may not be clear how to get to the Wilds right away. This guide will explain how to reach the Wilds in Slime Rancher and what players can expect to find on their journey. 

How to Get to the Wilds in Slime Rancher

Before you can head to the Wilds, there are several things you need to do on your ranch first: 

  • Complete a Range Exchange trade with Ogden Ortiz
  • Unlock the Moss Blanket
  • Unlock the Overgrowth 

To experience the new Ogden’s Wilds content, you must first meet Ogden Ortiz, a new NPC who was added as part of the latest update. To speak with Ogden, you must visit the Range Exchange on your ranch and fulfill a trade deal with him. After doing so, you will receive a message from Ogden, which you can read in your home. 

Ogden will ask you to come visit his retreat, which you can only get to via the teleporter he set up on your ranch. Look for a new teleporter along the path in between your main ranch and the Overgrowth. After meeting Ogden, this teleporter should now be activated.

Travel to Ogden’s Retreat and interact with the Range Exchange there to speak with him again. He tasks you with collecting Kookadoba fruit from the Wilds in exchange for various upgrades as well as a new food item called Spicy Tofu. Travel to the Wilds using the teleporter at the end of the bridge to the right of Ogden’s Range Exchange. 

Tips for Exploring the Wilds 

Along with Ogden’s coveted Kookadoba fruit, the Wilds are inhabited by an assortment of feral slimes called Saber Slimes. These slimes only spawn as Largo hybrids with another slime type. Since Saber Slimes are primitive ancestors of feline slimes, you can feed feral Saber Largos any sort of meat to tame and calm them.

Before heading to the Wilds, we suggest you upgrade your Vacpack capacity, upgrade your Jetpack boost, and bring along the following:

  • Hens or Roostros
  • A full water tank
  • A couple empty slots in your Vacpack 

While in the Wilds, you’ll constantly run into Saber Largos pretty much everywhere you go. However, this doesn’t mean you need to feed every single one. Most of the time, you can hover and maneuver over them if you’ve got an upgraded Jetpack. In fact, you’ll be doing a lot of hovering across wide gaps, so an upgraded Jetpack is essential. Bring a handful of hens to tame feral slimes when necessary, and replace the chickens with Spicy Tofu once you get it from Ogden, as this food type can be fed to any slime.

Given the diversity of the Saber Largo slimes, you will also encounter quite a lot of Tarr slimes as well. There’s waterfalls and other areas to refill your Vacpack if needed, but it’s best to just bring along a full tank of water just in case.

Use Ogden's cracking machines to get the Kookadoba fruit from Saber Slime Mudballs.

You’ll want to keep at least two empty slots in your Vacpack the first time you visit the Wilds, as you’ll need space to collect Kookadoba fruits as well as Saber plorts, which go for a decent amount of Newbucks when you first get them. The higher your Vacpack capacity, the better, as this will reduce how many trips to the Wilds you need to take to obtain enough Kookadoba for each of Ogden’s upgrades.

Lastly, the Wilds contains a series of teleporters scattered throughout the environment. However, only one or two teleporters will be active at a time, and you can spawn into a different part of the Wilds each visit. Explore the Wilds thoroughly to familiarize yourself with each area, and keep an eye out for teleporters so you can remember their locations later.

Check out this overview from StrangeLuv on YouTube for a visual guide to the Ogden's Wild update in Slime Rancher.

Now that you know how to reach the Wilds in Slime Rancher, you’re ready to help Ogden create his Kookadoba-based delicacies and earn various new upgrades.


Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything.


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