10 Brutally Difficult Indies to Play if You Love Cuphead

These games won’t go easy on you, that’s for sure. 

Cuphead is making waves for being one of the most challenging games on the market right now. You have to fight for each and every victory you earn in Cuphead, and no matter how far you get, reaching the end feels almost impossible.

While not all gamers will enjoy games that beat them into submission, others live to overcome adversity. Are you one of the few gamers who’ve made it to the end of Cuphead? Looking for a new game to best? Below, you’ll find a list of 10 brutally difficult indies to play if you love Cuphead!


RunGunJumpGun by ThirtyThree passed a lot of indie fans by when it released last year. Which is a shame, considering the game’s unrelenting difficulty. Similar to Cuphead, you’ll find yourself attempting and reattempting each level multiple times in order to get to the end.

Make a mistake, and you’re forcibly whisked back to the start of the level to try again. On the fence? The soundtrack and art style are both unique and catchy, ensuring you’ll never feel your attention wane while playing RunGunJumpGun. Trust us, Cuphead fans will find a lot to love in RunGunJumpGun!


Luftrausers is a punishing game by the evil masterminds at Vlambeer. One of the first things you’ll notice about Luftrausers is its design, which feels reminiscent of old arcade games like Space Invaders or Asteroids.

While it’s not the same type of “retro” as Cuphead, Luftrausers nevertheless presents a novel aesthetic. Meanwhile, the gameplay will leave you cursing and smacking your keyboard in fury. Want a quick, yet devious, game to pass the time with? Give Luftrausers a go… if you dare.


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