10 Brutally Difficult Indies to Play if You Love Cuphead - Page 4

These games won’t go easy on you, that’s for sure. 

Devil Daggers

Platformers and side-scrollers are great, but what about difficult games from a first-person perspective? One notable recommendation is Devil Daggers by Sorath. The thing about Devil Daggers is that it’s deceptive in its simplicity.

You’ll start out by thinking you have everything under control, and then an enemy will appear and all of a sudden, you’re dead. Not only are reflexes key in Devil Daggers, but so is learning how to handle the game’s variety of enemies.

While Devil Daggers may not be as artistic and colorful as Cuphead, or some of the other games on this list, it bleeds style. Although, it’s hard to appreciate the game’s sinister style when you’re fighting for your life. Need an FPS challenge? Look no further than Devil Daggers.


Described as a “rhythm hell” game, Thumper by Drool boasts a similar dark style to the aforementioned Devil Daggers. The difference lies in Thumper’s approach. You could compare Thumper to a platformer in that you’re handed a variety of levels and are asked to survive.

In the beginning, the levels are approachable. However, simplicity is soon thrown out the window as you try to helplessly guide a beetle through the dangers of space.

The music and atmosphere will cause you to tense up, and when you tense, you make mistakes. If you’re looking for Cuphead-style difficulty, but a completely different vibe, give Thumper a try. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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