Fortnite Battle Royale: Tips and Tricks Guide

How to survive as the last player standing in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free PvP game mode that has given players a whole new way to utilize the building aspects of Fortnite. It’s this unique crafting mechanic that sets Fortnite Battle Royale apart from similar games like PUBG, adding a new strategic element to the genre. This guide offers several tips and tricks that will help players stay alive and emerge victorious in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips 

Upon starting up a round of Battle Royale, you must wait until all 100 players load into the match. You are free to move about and test out weapons while in this starting area. This is a good time to scavenge and familiarize yourself with different types of weapons. 

When the Battle Royale is ready to begin, you and the other 99 players will be sent to the Battle Bus. The Battle Bus will begin in a different random location each time, and it’s up to you to choose when you want to jump out and where you want to start in the match.

Choose your landing zone carefully. You'll want to land near buildings, but not ones that are heavily populated.

Loot the Nearest Building

Once you’ve landed on the map, your first priority is to scavenge for weapons and gather resources. You’ll start out with a pickaxe, which is used to destroy most objects in the environment, such as tress, walls, rocks, furniture, and pretty much anything you come across. Depending on the objects you destroy, you will gain wood planks, metal scraps, and other materials that are crucial for crafting later on.

Buildings are also where you’re going to potentially find weapons and loot boxes. As soon as you obtain a weapon and ammo, make sure you have it equipped and loaded for when you eventually need to defend yourself against fellow opponents. 

Avoid Heavily Populated Areas

While you’re focused on scavenging for weapons and materials, keep in mind that there are 99 other players trying to do the same thing. Try to land in an area that people don’t usually pick as a landing zone, but that still has some buildings nearby for you to loot. If you feel relatively safe where you are, get up high and scan the area for incoming players before moving on. Your opponents may be closer than you think.

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Stay near the white circle on your map to avoid getting caught in the storm.

Pay Attention to the Eye of the Storm

Like PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale features a circular safe zone called the Eye of the Storm, which continues to shrink as the match progresses. About a minute into the match, a white circle will appear on the map, signifying the safe zone. You’ll want to be inside this safe zone to stay protected from the damaging storm, signified by the blue circle. While taking down opponents can be important, your goal is to ultimately survive and stay inside the safe zone, so don’t lose sight of this objective. 

Move From Cover to Cover

In Fortnite Battle Royale, one of the most risky things you can do is stay out in the open, for obvious reasons. As the match progresses, it will become more and more difficult to maneuver between buildings unnoticed, as other players may be hunkered down in a fort or structure waiting for you to run by. If you must be out in the open, move behind cover as quickly as you can, and stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t stay behind the same cover for too long, though, as it can eventually get destroyed if someone knows you’re there.

Check the map regularly and make sure you’re not too close to the edge of the storm, otherwise you may find yourself hastily running toward a safe area without moving cautiously. Move between cover and never stay outside for too long. If you end up in the storm, don’t panic. You can sustain a bit of damage from the storm before needing to reach safety, so just proceed with caution.

Fall Damage is Both Good and Bad

Since there is fall damage in Fortnite, you’ll need to be careful when scaling tall buildings, hills, or structures, as one wrong step can spell defeat. However, Fortnite’s building mechanic can help you use fall damage to your advantage when it comes to your opponents. If you destroy the very bottom section of a staircase that a player has built, the entire staircase will come crumbling down. If there happens to be an opponent at the top of the staircase and this causes them to fall far enough, the fall damage can instantly kill them. 

Watch for Blue Flares

Blue flares on the ground signify a incoming loot drop via aircraft. Loot boxes can contain all sorts of valuable goodies, so it’s in your best interest to keep an eye on the drop point and wait for the loot. Mind your surroundings, as someone else may have spotted the flare and could be waiting for you to make the wrong move. Likewise, you can wait until the box drops and use it as bait to see if anyone will claim it so you can eliminate them.

Listen for Treasure Chests and Players

Treasure chests are where you can find some of the best weapons and loot in Fortnite Battle Royale. Listen for the twinkly sound of a nearby chest, and be sure to snatch up its loot before anyone else does. Speaking of listening, you’ll want to use headphones while playing to ensure you can hear the footsteps and gunfire of nearby opponents to help you react accordingly and avoid any surprise encounters. 

Stay With Your Team

If you’re teaming up with friends for a match in Battle Royale, make sure to stick close to one another and avoid going off to far on your own. Watching out for each other is crucial for survival, especially when trying to defend a structure or building. Of course, this doesn’t really apply if you play solo, but it’s still good to get in the habit of watching other player’s movements and staying aware of your surroundings. 

Now that you have a few tips and tricks under your belt, you’re well on your way to winning more matches in Fortnite Battle Royale. Let us know what tips you’d offer to help players survive the storm in the comments below.


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