Warframe: How to Equip the Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask

‘Tis the season to flaunt your pumpkin head in Warframe! Here’s where to find it.

With Halloween just around the corner, Tenno everywhere are getting in the spirit by equipping spooky seasonal gear and items. One popular item is the Dullahan Mask, a wicked pumpkin head cosmetic item that only arrives once a year. However, the mask can be a bit difficult to find at first, so this guide will help explain where to get the Dullahan Mask and how to equip it on your character in Warframe. 

How to Equip the Dullahan Mask

To equip the Dullahan Mask (pumpkin head) cosmetic item in Warframe, start by heading to the Arsenal in your ship. Select the Appearance tab under your loadout, then select Attachments under the Physique section. 

At the bottom of the Attachments list, open the last tab for Auxiliary items. Here, you should find the Dullahan Mask, which can be purchased for just one Credit. Additionally, the Halloween Color Picker color scheme is available for one credit as well for a limited time.  

The Dullahan Mask and Halloween color scheme for your Warframe are only available until Halloween on October 31, so make sure you pick up these unique customizations while you still can. 

Warframe Day of the Dead 2017 

The Day of the Dead customization packs are also back for a limited time in the Warframe marketplace. These spooky add-ons contain various Day of the Dead themed weapon skins, landing craft skins, armor, and more. You have until November 1st to grab your favorite Day of the Dead packs in Warframe, so be sure to purchase your favorites before they’re gone.

Now that you know how to equip the Dullahan Mask in Warframe, you should be ready to join your fellow pumpkin-headed breatheren for the next adventure.


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