PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Coming to Xbox One in December

The game will be available through the Xbox Game Preview program.

Microsoft and Bluehole have announced that the popular battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (also known as PUBG) will officially arrive on the Xbox One console in early December.

More specifically, the Xbox One version of PUBG will launch on December 12th via the Xbox Game Preview program. The program acts in a similar manner to Steam’s Early Access program on PC, allowing players to purchase games which, while technically unfinished, are usually cheaper in their Xbox Game Preview form and also allow players to help shape the final product by submitting feedback.

Along with the highly anticipated Xbox One release, Bluehole also confirmed it will be launching the 1.0 update for the PC version of PUBG sometime later in December, which means it will be officially ending its Steam Early Access period. 

While Bluehole ideally wants both the PC and Xbox One versions to follow the same development schedule, the company admitted that it might take a little while to reach that point:

“Both versions are being developed at the same time, but they both have their own separate roadmaps. Various Xbox One features and functionality will change and come online over time just like they have on PC, with our goal being to have both versions align to each other as soon as possible. Feedback as you know has been critical to the game’s success, so beginning December 12th we want to hear from Xbox fans on what they think about PUBG and how we can make the best version of the game possible.”  

Along with the joy of getting to play on a home console, Xbox One players will also be able to purchase three optional cosmetic item packs for the Xbox Game Preview version of PUBG which will be exclusive to that platform.

The PUBG Warrior Pack, PUBG Tracksuit Pack, and PUBG Accessory Pack will each contain an assortment of stylish items, items which Bluehole was careful to reiterate are cosmetic only. Pricing details for the three cosmetic packs weren’t mentioned in the announcement, but we’ll likely find out more about the prices shortly before PUBG’s December 12th Xbox One launch.



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