Amazon Has Launched Its Own Retro Zone Gaming Portal

Relive the glory days of retro gaming all in one place.

The demand for retro gaming paraphernalia has been steadily increasing thanks to the recent wave of retro-themed consoles like the NES Classic Edition and nostalgic TV shows like Stranger Things. Now, Amazon is capitalizing on that demand by launching a new Retro Zone web portal that aims to fulfill all of of its shopper’s retro gaming needs.

The Retro Zone portal, which you can visit here, allows visitors to purchase retro consoles like the NES Classic, Sega Genesis Classic, and Atari Flashback 7 Deluxe, among others. Visitors can even purchase fully functional mini arcade games, retro gaming T-shirts, toys, books, console games, and more. What's even cooler is the array of retro accessories for sale including Dreamcast VMU’s, USB Nintendo 64 controllers, and an optical mouse for the SNES (handy if you favor games like Mario Paint).

Additionally, Amazon’s Retro Zone has a dedicated retro gaming apps section where you can find and download your favorite mobile retro game ports for both iOS and Android. Along with recognizable classics like Pac-Man Lite, Double Dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Final Fantasy IV, the Retro Zone app store has more recent retro-inspired games like Stranger Things: The Game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and various entries in the Oddworld series.

Some of the app store games include exclusive Amazon Retro Zone-themed bonuses like character skins and soundtracks, so even if you’ve already played them on mobile, their respective Retro Zone versions might still be worth a second look. Whether you fancy yourself a retro gaming fan or are shopping for another retro gamer in your life, Amazon’s Retro Zone portal serves as a useful one-stop shop for all things retro gaming.


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