Nioh: Complete Edition - How to Change the Resolution

Here’s how to adjust your resolution in Nioh: Complete Edition.

Nioh: Complete Edition is now available on Steam, and fans of the intense samurai action adventure have been eager to return to the dark shores of Japan. One of the perks of playing Nioh on PC is the ability to play in a higher resolution depending on your gaming rig. The ability to change your resolution is a basic feature in most games, but finding the resolution settings in Nioh on Steam can be a bit cumbersome. This guide will explain how to change the resolution in Nioh: Complete Edition so that you can adjust the game to your PC setup. 

Nioh: How to Change the Resolution Settings

Nioh: Complete Edition features in-game graphics options that allow you to adjust the resolution and rendering settings to your liking. However, these graphical settings are tucked away within a separate launcher, making them easy to miss unless you know where to look. If you launch the game from the Steam shortcut, you will miss the launcher menu and will be locked at a lower resolution.

To change your display resolution and other settings in Nioh: Complete Edition, start by right-clicking on the game in your Steam Library. Select Nioh Launcher Menu on the dropdown list, then select Settings

This will cause a settings menu to appear, where you can adjust the resolution, window options, and other graphical settings for Nioh: Complete Edition prior to launching the game. Make sure to press ‘OK’ to apply your setting choices before launching the game from the library.

Now that you know how to find the hidden launcher menu for Nioh: Complete Edition, you should be able to change the graphics to a higher or lower resolution, as you see fit. 

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