Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC Walkthrough

How to solve all puzzles in The Hideaway DLC, the second chapter of Secrets of the Maw.

The Hideaway, the second chapter of the three-part Secrets of the Maw expansion, is now available for Little Nightmares. In this chapter, players must locate and rescue a number of mysterious Nomes as the Runaway Kid. The Nomes will help the Runaway Kid solve puzzles and eventually escape the furnace room.

This walkthrough will explain how to complete The Hideaway chapter in Little Nightmares. If you have yet to complete the first chapter of the Secrets of the Maw expansion, head over to our walkthrough for The Depths DLC in Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares - The Hideaway Walkthrough

You begin your journey with a fall. Three Nomes emerge from the darkness and swiftly scamper away. Follow them through the rooms to the right.  You will notice them jump through a crack in a nearby door.  Before approaching the door, look for any Nomes in the darkness. There is one hiding in the background, near the closed door, amongst the boxes by the lantern.

Follow him through the crack of the door. He gets stuck and you will pull him out and give him a hug.  Pick him up and throw him up at the door handle to access the next room. Throw the Nome over the boxes in the middles of the room and then throw him up to grab the lever. The door should open on the right.  In the next room push the box out of the way to reveal a whole in the wall.  Go through it and proceed to the next room.  

Walk to the very end of the room where the closed door is at and you will see a fallen cabinet.  Open the drawer closest to the door to find a hidden Nome.  You should have two Nomes with you on the floor now.  Throw both of them on to the table.  Once you do so, they will push the box over the edge which will allow you to reach the table.  Free the third Nome and give him a hug.  On the left there is a hole in the wall near the ceiling.  Jump through it and open the bottle and grab what’s inside.  Proceed to the door with the three Nomes and have them help you push it open.  

Run up the stairs, climb the the wooden ladder and pull the lever.  Coal will fall from the opening in the ceiling. Pick up a piece and carry it into the next room. Put it down somewhere because you need to open up the furnace.  There is a wooden stool you can climb atop to help you reach the switch to the furnace.  Once the furnace doors are open you can throw that piece of coal into its fiery maw. The Nomes, in the meantime, will help you.

Once the mechanism in the background starts moving proceed to the right through the door with the tracks.  Grab the Nome from the wall, give him a hug, and do the same for the other Nome stuck in the box.  Climb the ladder, go through the hole near the ceiling and jump down into the next room.

There is a lever switch on the wall. Pull it down and a couple of things will happen: the door on the wall will open and machine next to you will malfunction.  Pieces of it will fall off which you are free to repair. Once you enter the next room on your right we suggest you remain as quiet as possible. Try to avoid stepping on anything, because there is a blind creature in this dark room that will chase you if you are too loud. Sneak around it and enter the next room.  

Go all the way up the stairs in the background and jump across the hanging platforms while the creature looks for you. Enter the upper room. Pull open the white skinny door on the far-right side of the room and pull out a wooden stool. Open the white skinny door furthest to the left. Use the newfound stool to reach the paperwork in the cabinet and hoist yourself to the upper level.

Once you are done, jump across and swing on the hanging light to reach the rafters. This rafter is very short, and it ends at a drop that will surely kill you if you fell. Parkour your way down to the lower rafter and into a room full of blue cabinets and unlit lanterns. We suggest you use the cabinets to reach the one lit lantern.  Take it and throw it at the button on the left side of the room to open the door. Proceed into the next room.

It’s time to be quiet again as the blind creature is in this room. Make your way with the lantern all the way back to the room with the switch and the malfunctioned machine. Replace the broken lantern with the one you have and the elevator contraption in the wall will be ready to use.

Go up the elevator and it will drop you off at a room with three skittish Nomes. Follow them under the table and you will find a whole in the wall. Go into the next room, move the box under the hanging lever. If you try pulling the lever right now you will not be able to open the door fully as you are not heavy enough. A couple of Nomes are hiding in the fallen blue cabinet.  Further to the right you will notice a box rolling back and forth with the sway of the ship.  Push it to the right just where there is a natural crack in the floor. Climb up the blue cabinets and onto the table on the left, climb on the drawers on the wall in the background and drop to the box you moved.  

Jump across and pick up the third Nome. Have the now acquired three Nomes follow you back to the left where you can throw each one up to the lever.  Move the available box under the door so when the three Nomes let go of the lever the door will remain open. Go into the next room and throw the Nomes into the elevator. Once at the bottom level throw one of them at the switch on the left and proceed through the newly opened door. Make your way with all of your acquired Nomes back to furnace room. They will all start working, throwing coal into the furnace.

Make your way up the ladders to reach the top floor. Once in the room walk around until you a piece of the floor dips. This is where you will want to start jumping. The impact of the jump will cause the floor beneath you to give. Once beneath the floor the blind creature will enter the room. Proceed to the left and silently climb up into the room without being caught. In the background there are some tools hanging on the walls. Our goal for this room is to turn on the saw to make some noise. However, the saw needs power.  

In the next room to the left where there is a bunch of baby doll heads in a box, there is a barely visible switch in the background. Climb onto the table and pull the switch. Make your way back to the previous room and push the button on the saw. The noise will distract the blind creature which will allow you to spin the wheeled lever in the left room, opening the doors that lead you down to a basement-like area.

You will land in a heap of garbage. You will also see rail tracks on the ground. Follow the tracks into the room on the right. Notice there is a Nome trapped in a bottle on the shelf above a wooden table. Climb on the table and start jumping. The Nome will mimic you and if you start jumping towards the edge of the table, the Nome will jump towards the edge of the shelf.  He will eventually fall off the shelf and the bottle he is in will shatter due to the fall.

Take the Nome back into the previous room where you came from and throw him to reach the ladder. The Nome will pull it down for you so you can ascend, jump across the mining cart and turn the wheeled lever. This lever lowers the mining cart to the ground floor. Make your way over the boxes in the background to get back to the side with the ladder and descend down to where the Nome and the mining cart are waiting for you.

As of right now you cannot move beyond this room with the mining cart. However, if you make your way into the background darkness, just beyond the ladder, there will be some boxes you can climb on to reach the hole in the wall just made visible by the glowing light. Jump down into the next room and proceed into the next area. You will see a conveyor belt and a bunch of coal on the floor below you where a Nome wanders.

Jump down into the coal and grab the Nome. Walk up onto the mining cart in the foreground and throw him onto the platform with the switch.  Jump up there with him and pick him up and throw him at the switch. This will activate the conveyor belt. Stand on the conveyor belt and jump to the handle. It will glide you to the other side where you can activate the conveyor belt by flipping a switch. A Nome will be on the conveyor belt and will fall down into the coals. Follow him and grab him. Throw him up onto the platform with the other Nome. Enter the room you came from with the tracks by throwing one of the Nomes up at the switch to open the door. You should have three Nomes with you now.

Have all three Nomes help you push the mining cart to the right, into the room you originally found the Nome in the glass bottle.  Stop the mining cart just in from of the tall skinny shelf.  Use the cart to climb the shelf and make your way to the right and through the hole in the wall. Jump down into the next room and pull the switch.  The door will open and now you can push the mining cart down the tracks, breaking open the door at the end of the tracks. Go inside the room. Place the Nomes on the trapdoor where a couple of pieces of coal are sitting.  Climb out of the room and back into the furnace room where all the other Nomes are working.  

Proceed to the bottom floor and go through the open doorway on the left. Pull the lever and the trapdoor will open reuniting you with the three Nomes you left above. Have them join your their hard working friends.  Soon the contraption in the background will start moving and you can climb onto one of its carts and ascend.

Once at the top jump off of the car or you will be thrown into the fiery furnace.  Make your way to the right and into the far right room.  You will see a box in front of a crack in the wall.  Try moving it.  You will discover it is too heavy but eventually several Nomes emerge from the darkness and help you move it.  In the next room a crew of Nomes are standing in front of a closed furnace seemingly relaxed.  

Climb up the boxes on the right and through the crack in the wall. Proceed through the narrow corridor and through the next hole in the wall. You will arrive atop an elevator and the ending awaits you above.

If you followed all the steps in this walkthrough, then you should have been able to fully complete The Hideaway, chapter two of the Secrets of the Maw expansion for Little Nightmares.

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