Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC - Ashes in the Maw Achievement

Learn how to unlock the Ashes in the Maw secret achievement/trophy in Little NIghtmares.

The Hideaway chapter in Little Nightmares features a secret achievement that can be unlocked as you complete the DLC. This achievement/trophy is called Ashes in the Maw. This guide will explain how to unlock the Ashes in the Maw trophy in Little Nightmares for those who have completed the DLC or who are working their way through it. 

How to Unlock the Ashes in the Maw Secret Achievement/Trophy

The Ashes in the Maw achievement requires players to find a specific wooden Nome in the DLC and toss it into the main furnace. We will only explain how to retrieve the wooden Nome, not how to complete the DLC chapter itself. If you need help making your way through the DLC, head over to our Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC Walkthrough

To find the wooden Nome, continue playing through The Hideaway DLC until you reach the janitor’s workshop. The wooden Nome is on top of the janitor’s desk beside the saw table. Wait for the janitor to walk away, then climb up onto the desk to grab the Nome.

The wooden Nome is located on top the desk in the janitor's workshop in The Hideaway DLC.

From here, you must bring the Nome back to the main furnace. However, there’s a few things you must do along the way. Carry the Nome through the room on the left. The janitor will likely hear you, so move quick. You will need to set the Nome down for a moment to flip the lever at the back of the room. We suggest placing the Nome near the wheel crank in the center of the room. You’ll see why soon. 

Climb the desk along the back wall and pull the switch. Pulling this lever will power up the workbench in the janitor’s workshop. Hop through the hole in the wall beside the lever to return to the workshop, landing on the paper stack. Walk up to the workbench and press the button to turn the saw on. The saw makes a lot of noise, which will lure the janitor back into the workshop and allow you to continue your escape.

Return to the lever room where you left the wooden Nome. Climb onto the boxes of doll parts and turn the wheel crank to open the cellar doors on the left. Hopefully, you left the wooden Nome close by the crank so that you can make a quick escape. Grab the Nome, toss it into the newly opened doors, then jump through the doors yourself. 

You’ll drop down into the room with the minecart track. From here, you’ll need to just make your way through The Hideaway DLC as you normally would, only this time you’ll have the wooden Nome in tow. After you have proceeded through the area and pushed the minecart through the wall at the end, take the wooden Nome and put it onto the trap door, where your three regular Nomes should be waiting. 

Exit through the narrow opening on the right to return to the furnace room. Climb down the ladder and enter the room on the left. Climb up the step ladder and jump to pull the lever. This causes the three regular Nomes and the wooden Nome to fall through the hatch.

Pick up the wooden Nome and take it to the furnace in the main room. Once you toss the wooden Nome into the furnace, the Ashes in the Maw achievement/trophy should unlock. 

Note: Some players have had trouble getting the Ashes in the Maw achievement to unlock after chucking the Nome into the furnace. If the achievement doesn’t pop for you, simply close the game and quit out. Don’t bother reloading from a checkpoint, as this won’t make a difference. Re-launch Little Nightmares, then press Continue. This should bring you back to the furnace where you left off, with the wooden Nome nearby. Toss the Nome into the furnace again, and hopefully this time the trophy will pop. 

If you followed the steps in this guide, you should be able to unlock the Ashes in the Maw achievement/trophy in Little Nightmares. To collect all of the hidden collectibles in The Hideaway, head over to our guide on All Flotsam Bottle Locations in Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC.


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