New Bounties Available in Warframe's Operation: Plague Star Event

Complete new bounties and earn event rewards in Warframe’s latest Operation.

Gather your squad, Tenno! The Operation: Plague Star event is now live in Warframe on PC. Operation: Plague Star pertains to the mysterious meteorite crash just outside of Cetus. The event offers new Bounty Missions and Event Rewards in the Plains of Eidolon for a limited time.

Operation: Plague Star began on November 15 and will run until November 27. Here is the event synopsis, according to the official announcement on the Warframe forum: 

“A mysterious meteorite has crashed just outside of Cetus revealing a horrific boil. The boil is growing and the Ostrons have sighted infested lifeforms emerging from it. We need to act now before they make their way to Cetus.

Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil. But Vay Hek won’t help; he sees this infested boil as a means to rid the Plains of Cetus and the Ostrons. We need to get ahold of the toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable. Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn his plan for retrieving the toxin from Vay Hek.” 

In Operation: Plague Star, players are tasked with completing a series of Bounty Missions to earn Operation Standing, which is then used to shop for Event Rewards. Speak to Konzu in Cetus to obtain a new Plague Star Bounty. After earning Operation Standing for the event, head over to Nayak, the oddities vendor, to select your Operation Rewards. 

Curious what’s up for grabs during this Operation? Here are some new and returning items for the event:


  • Eidolon Phylaxis: Equip to earn more standing and make the event harder levels!
  • Infested Zaw Components
  • Event Emblem
  • Infested Zaw Exodia 


  • Ether Daggers
  • Snipetron
  • Fulmination Mod
  • Sacrifice Mod 

For additional details on the event including clan scoring and rewards, check out the full Operation: Plague Star announcement

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