The Second Round of Hitman's Elusive Targets Has Begun

Those who missed out on the first run have been granted another shot.

To commemorate the recent launch of Hitman’s Game of the Year Edition, developer Io Interactive is bringing back the game’s Elusive Targets for a second go, allowing new and existing players alike to take a crack at them. In fact, ass of the time of this writing, the first Elusive Target has once again surfaced for a limited time.

Right now, Hitman’s very first Elusive Target, The Forger, is once again live and can be found in the game’s Paris location until November 27th. As was the case the first time Elusive Targets came into play, players only have one shot at successfully assassinating these high-value targets before making a clean getaway.

The ability to save your game is disabled during an Elusive Target contract and you can’t reset the mission once the target has been killed or any other contract-specific goal has been fulfilled. If you fail to kill the target or fail to escape after doing so, there are no second chances.

For the second run of Elusive Targets, there’s a small condition which applies to existing players: you can’t reattempt any Elusive Targets you attempted the first time around no matter whether you successfully took them down or not. Elusive Targets you didn’t go after during the first run are fair game, but the outcomes of any Elusive Targets you attempted before sadly cannot be altered via this encore run.

Since Elusive Targets represent some of the most challenging content that Hitman has to offer, the rewards for successfully completing them are suitably worthwhile. As you can see in this post from Io Interactive, players can unlock unique outfits for protagonist Agent 47 by completing a single Elusive Target in each location, by completing a certain total number of multiple Elusive Targets, and by completing Elusive Targets while also earning a Silent Assassin rating.

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