Rules of Survival Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Follow the tips in this guide to become the last player standing in the mobile game Rules of Survival.

Rules of Survival is a new PUBG-inspired battle royale game released for iOS and Android mobile devices. In this multiplayer battle royale, 120 survivors must eliminate one another until a sole survivor remains. Becoming the final survivor in Rules of Survival requires decent strategy, tips, and practice. For this guide, we’ll cover basic tips for finding weapons, eliminating opponents, and becoming the last player standing in Rules of Survival. 

Rules of Survival Guide - Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: Know the Modes (Solo, Duo, and Squad)

In Rules of Survival, there are multiple game modes to choose from depending on whether you want to play alone or with other players in a team. There’s Solo mode, which is essentially a huge free-for-all with every survivor against one another. Then there’s Duo and Squad, which place you on a team with either one or three other players, respectively.

We suggest starting out in Solo, unless you have friends to play Duo or Squad with. Playing the team-based modes with random players can get frustrating really quick, particularly because most people play these modes like lone wolves anyway, neglecting their teammates to go do their own thing. If you’re able to coordinate with a few friends in the game, however, you’ll certainly have an advantage in Duos and Squads over those who team up with randoms. 

Tip #2: Choose the Best Places to Drop

Just like in PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royale, each round in Rules of Survival starts with survivors parachuting into the island arena via aircraft. It’s important to choose your drop point carefully, as your landing location can determine the type of loot you’re likely to find. A good rule of thumb is to land in areas with a lot of buildings, since buildings usually contain a variety of loot including weapons, ammo, and other items.

The center of the map tends to be the most populated area, along with large structures like the pyramid, so come prepared for a firefight if you land in a popular location. Alternatively, you can land near the edges of the map where less players tend to go and work your way back toward the center if you prefer a less chaotic experience.

Tip #3: Watch Where Others Land

When you’re parachuting into the map, look around and make a mental note of where enemy players are landing. This will help you anticipate the direction opponents may come from once your boots hit the ground. You can also place a marker on the map by tapping the mini map and tapping again to place a marker at a specific location. Watching where your opponents land can also allow you to eliminate them quickly and pick up their loot. 

Parachute in quickly to get the best loot early on in Rules of Survival.

Tip #4: Land Early and Hunker Down

Following up from the previous point, you’ll want to drop in sooner rather than later in Rules of Survival. If you’re one of the first players to drop down and reach a popular location, you’ll have much better chances of finding valuable weapons and loot before anyone else. Plus, landing early can give you time to hunker down and wait for other players to approach, allowing you to pick off your opponents before moving on. 

Tip #5: Circular Reasoning

One of the main features of Rules of Survival and other similar games in the battle royale genre are the circles that gradually drive players toward a location by damaging players outside the safe zone. A small circle will appear on the map inside a slightly larger circle, and you have to reach the smaller circle before the larger one encroaches on its border to avoid taking damage.

Although its natural to want to avoid taking damage at all costs, keep in mind that early on in the match, you can recover from circle damage pretty easily. It’s later when you’ll start to encounter more players and circle damage can become more of an issue.

Pay attention to the circles, and use them to your advantage. You can hang out in the danger zone for a bit before the damage you sustain becomes problematic. There’s a good chance you’ll spot opponents trying to run from the outer circle to the safe zone along the way, making it the perfect opportunity to pick them off. 

Air-dropped loot crates can be used to bait other players in Rules of Survival.

Tip #6: Bait with Crates

As you play through a round of Rules of Survival, you’ll occasionally see planes drop off crates full of goodies. These loot crate air drops often contain valuable weapons and items, enticing players with what they might have inside.

Rather than instinctively running toward every crate you see, hang back for a bit and watch the crate. Eventually, other players will spot the crate and try to approach it, giving you the perfect opportunity to eliminate them. When you’re ready to move on (perhaps when the circles are moving in), go ahead an loot the crate as well as all the goodies dropped by the players you eliminated. Other players will use this tactic as well, so make sure to approach crates, dead opponents, and other loot with caution. 

Tip #7: Move Between Cover

Like in most multiplayer arena shooters, the longer you’re out in the open, the more likely you are to get shot by an opponent. This definitely applies to Rules of Survival as well. Try to avoid being outside in the open for too long. When you do decide to head across the terrain, try to stay behind cover and move between cover to decrease your chances of being spotted by a sniper or another opponent.

If you follow these tips, you should have much better odds of becoming the last player standing in Rules of Survival. Rules of Survival is available as a free download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.


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