Shadow Fight 3 Guide: How to Earn Coins and Level Up Fast

Learn how to level up fast and earn more coins and gear in Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 is as much an RPG as it is a fighting game. Players can customize their character with special weapons and gear to increase their stats and rank up over time. This guide will explain how to level up fast in Shadow Fight 3, as well as how to earn coins and rewards to unlock better gear for your warrior.

Shadow Fight 3 - How to Level Up Fast

In order to level up fast in Shadow Fight 3, players must earn experience by competing in duels, completing side quests, and playing through the main story chapters. Equipping better gear is also important for improving your warrior’s overall stats. The tips below will help you unlock cards and chests in Shadow Fight 3 to help your warrior level up fast. 

Win Duels

Duels are a great way to earn better gear in Shadow Fight 3. Competing in duels will allow you to level up your character, earn rewards, and prepare for story quests. Winning multiple duels in a row will add on a multiplier, which will allow you to earn more coins and experience at the end of each fight.

Winning duels will also reward you with better chests, which contain rarer weapons and gear. For tips on how to win duels, check out our Shadow Fight 3 Tips and Tricks Guide

Winning improves the quality of the reward chests you earn in Duels.

Use Combos and Specials

Combo attacks not only help to overwhelm your opponent, but they allow you to earn more coins at the end of each battle. The more special attacks and combo moves you’re able to land during a round, the higher your reward will be afterward.

Additional coins are rewarded for achieving special maneuvers such as first strikes, head hits, shadow ability attacks, critical hits, and combos. Try to pull off these special moves during each round to improve your coin payout at the end of battle. 

Do Side Quests

Side quests are a great way to earn coins, gems, and card packs in Shadow Fight 3. Each side quest has its own unique parameters and specific rewards for completion. If you don’t want to compete against real players, side quests are a great alternative. The only downside to side quests is that they only become available every few hours, but they are still a great way to earn some extra coins and obtain new gear for your character. 

Side quests are a great way to earn rewards without having to face real players.

Watch Ads for Free Cards

When you open a booster card pack in Shadow Fight 3, there will usually be an option to watch an advertisement to unlock a free card. Always opt to watch the ad, as this is a relatively simple way to earn more weapons or gear without having do spend money. More cards means more equipment to choose from, so don’t skip this option. 

Keep these tips in mind the next time you play Shadow Fight 3, and you’ll be able to level up fast and equip better gear for your warrior in no time.


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