Knives Out – Beginner Tips and Tricks

These handy tips and tricks for beginners can save your life in the deadly world of Knives Out.

If you recently started playing Knives Out, you may find yourself looking for a few beginner's tips and trips. While Knives Out is fairly straightforward, and mirrors other Battle Royale games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there are a few unique properties to master. As such, it makes sense to get a feel for the game before diving in and giving it a go.

So, if you're new to Knives Out and are looking to gain an early advantage over the competition, the following Knives Out guide will help you master a wide variety of beginner's tips and tricks!  

Knives Out - Beginner's Tips and Tricks

The first tip for beginners in Knives Out is staying alert and focust. Since you’re exploring a massive open area that’s designed to accommodate 100 players at once, it can be easy to “get lost in your own space” as you wander about scavenging for supplies.

However, Knives Out is very much a game where those who are caught flat-footed usually end up dead, and when there’s 99 other players out roaming the same terrain as you, it likely won’t be long until you bump into one of them (or several).

Because of this, you should try your best to resist the temptation of letting your guard down, even when the coast looks clear. Don’t just wander aimlessly, come up with a game plan (even if it’s a short-term one), stick to it, and keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re focused and on the lookout, your odds of being ambushed will decrease significantly, and, as a result, your odds of surviving just a little bit longer (maybe even all the way to the end) will go up more and more.

The next trick for beginners in Knives Out is to find solid loot early on in the game. Naturally you’ll want to get your hands on a weapon of some sort and a few first aid items shortly after dropping into a Knives Out match.

However, the three items you should prioritize above all else may surprise you: a helmet, a backpack, and some body armor. If you can find these three items sooner rather than later, you’ll be in very good shape.

The helmet and body armor will naturally protect you from different sources of damage (i.e. body shots and headshots) and the backpack will allow you to carry more items in the long run (items which include extra ammunition for your weapon of choice and more first aid items).

In Knives Out, you automatically pick up items simply by moving over them, but be wary if you spot an essential piece of gear out in the open, since another player might be waiting nearby to ambush you if you try to take it. Of course, if you already have the item in question, there’s nothing stopping you from prepping a little ambush of your own.

The final Knives Out tip for beginners centers around map mastery. This final tip is one which you’ll only be able to hone through practice (and likely a death or two), but getting a strong sense of the in-game map and effectively using your mini-map can prove to be the greatest Knives Out survival tool of them all.

No matter how well-equipped you are or how confident you are in your combat skills, nothing beats having the instinct to immediately recognize where you are on the map and, more importantly, where your enemies could be hiding. As the old saying goes, forewarned truly is forearmed. 

There you have it, a look at some of the best tips and tricks for beginners in Knives Out. Need a little extra help getting started? Be sure to check out our guide on where to find a gun in Knives Out

By reading through this guide, you should now know a few tips and tricks for beginners in Knives Out. 


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