Mega Man X 1-8 To Release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Mega Man fans have a lot to look forward to next summer. 

During today’s livestream celebrating Mega Man’s 30th anniversary, Capcom announced they plan to release all 8 games of the Mega Man X series to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The Mega Man X series got its start back in 1993 with the first title released on Super Famicom.

As the franchise progressed, games were released on other platforms including the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn, as well as PC, PlayStation 2, and even the Nintendo GameCube. While there’s no set release date for revamped collection, Mega Man fans can expect Mega Man X through Mega Man X8 to drop during the summer of 2018.

Additionally, there’s no word as to whether or not the 8 Mega Man X titles will be released individually, or as a set like Mega Man Legacy Collection. For those unfamiliar with Mega Man Legacy Collection, it released back in 2016 and included all six of the first games in the series (which originally released on NES). A second Mega Man Legacy Collection released back on August 8th of this year and included Mega Man 7 through Mega Man 10.

The intended release of all 8 Mega Man X games next year will coincide with the franchise’s 25th anniversary. We’ll continue to update with more information as it’s released. Are you looking forward to the upcoming release of Mega Man X 1-8? Let us know down in the comments below!

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