Superb sci-fi horror Soma is releasing on Xbox One

Get ready to be WAU'd all over again.

Frictional Games have announced that Soma, the excellent sci-fi, psychological-horror follow-up to Amnesia, will be coming to Xbox One.

There’s no release date yet, but this is great news for those who haven’t had a chance to play the game on PS4 or PC.

Soma was critically acclaimed on release, and was the perfect change of pace for the Amnesia team, stretching just far enough away from their monster-filled previous titles.

Toning down the horror and ramping up the narrative, Soma delivered a smart and genuinely interesting tale, prompting the player to question their concepts of intelligence and life.

You’ll explore a decrepit underwater facility, meeting a variety of entities along the way — some friendly, many not. At times it forces you to make some truly difficult and usually awful decisions that will leave you questioning yourself for some time.

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