Cities: Skylines Gets New 'All That Jazz' DLC

Jazz Boatman makes his glorious return in Cities: Skylines’ new jazz-themed DLC. 

Cities: Skylines is getting a new jazz-themed DLC release that adds in a radio station with an all-too familiar DJ. Originally making his audio debut in Paradox Interactive’s “jazzy” trailer for Leviathan: Warships (seen below), Jazz Boatman and his silky smooth voice became an instant internet favorite.

Now, fans can experience the vocal stylings of Jazz Boatman as much as they like via Cities: Skylines’ new "All That Jazz" DLC expansion. Not only will Boatman serve as DJ for the expansion's new radio station, but there will also be a wide variety of (you guessed it) jazz music for users to experience.

The “All That Jazz” DLC pack is priced at $3.99 and includes a diverse jazz tracklist featuring the following tracks:

  • Houston River Jazz Collective - “36th Street”
  • Houston River Jazz Collective - “Hallet’s Cove”
  • Houston RIver Jazz Collective - “Northern Boulevard Jam”
  • Houston River Jazz Collective - “The Astoria Way”
  • Jazz In-Clave - “Habanera Big Four”
  • Jazz In-Clave - “Ponchando Fashion”
  • Jazz In-Clave - “Tresillo Hideaway”
  • Phrase It Differently - “Fusionistic Mystic”
  • Phrase It Differently - “7 O’Clock”
  • Phrase It Differently - “Cracks”
  • Phrase It Differently - “Loveshift”
  • The Sierra Lewis Project - “Fiesta Siesta”
  • The Sierra Lews Project - “A Walk In The Park”
  • The Sierra Lewis Project - “The Conquistador”
  • The Sierra Lewis Project - “Praia Verdi”

For more information about the All That Jazz DLC, be sure to check out the expansion’s page on Steam.

Are you excited for the return of Jazz Boatman? Let us know your thoughts on Cities: Skylines’ jazzy new addition down in the comments below!

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