Superhot Will Get a Standalone Expansion in 2018

The Mind Control Delete expansion will add roguelike elements to the game.

Superhot, the slick and trippy shooter title in which time only moves when you do, was hailed as one of the best indie releases of the year back when it launched in early 2016, and now the game’s developer, the aptly named Superhot Team, has announced plans to expand the original premise with an upcoming standalone expansion called Mind Control Delete.

According to its newly posted Steam page, Mind Control Delete will be an entirely standalone expansion which will build off of the systems already present in the original Superhot while also introducing new progression and roguelike elements. Mind Control Delete players will have to master dozens of different challenges and combat scenarios, and they’ll be suitably rewarded for their efforts by unlocking new weapons, abilities, power-ups, and even playable characters.

Those who already own Superhot or who purchase it before Mind Control Delete’s full launch will receive the expansion for free. Once the expansion launches, it will have its own separate price tag attached. The Superhot Team anticipates that Mind Control Delete won’t be ready for a full launch until sometime in late 2018 (the studio is currently targeting an Autumn release window).

However, if you just can’t wait that long to try it out, a special early access version of the expansion will become available for testing tomorrow, December 7th. Just be warned that the early access version will be very rough around the edges and will be missing several features which are planned for the final release.

Be sure to visit the above Steam page link for a full in-depth FAQ on what the early access version of Mind Control Delete will include, how the Superhot Team’s current development roadmap for the expansion has been laid out, how community members can help to refine the early access version (other than actually playing it of course), and more. 



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