Hello Neighbor: Achievements List

A complete list of all the achievements available in Hello Neighbor.

After several Alpha phases and a few delays, Hello Neighbor is finally out on Xbox One, Windows PC, and Mac. There are 17 achievements available in Hello Neighbor, two of which are secret achievements. Below you’ll find a full list of Hello Neighbor achievements, along with brief descriptions of each. The two secret achievements will be listed near the bottom of the page. 

Hello Neighbor - Achievements List

Each of the Hello Neighbor achievements are rather vague, so you will have to be creative to figure out how to unlock each one. Note that the secret achievements are listed just after the image below, so consider this your spoiler warning. 

  • Back to School - Can't wait for the prom.
  • Beeep! - Express checkout.
  • Change For Gas - I wish I had an electric car.
  • Don't Bite Snow White - Tougher than the Snow White.
  • Double Fun - Overcome the fear of darkness.
  • Freeze! - The crime levels have never been lower.
  • Get'em George - Learn to stand up for yourself.
  • Hmmm Bacon - Overcome crowd phobia.
  • Meet Joe Black - Safe driving is no accident.
  • Neighbor MD - ICU there.
  • No Digging! - I ain't 'fraid of no ghost.
  • No Swimming - Should have brought a swimming suit.
  • Shoot'em Up - Get a birthday present.
  • Space Jam - Three points!
  • Watch Your Head - Sky is the limit!

Hello Neighbor - Secret Achievements

  • Let’s Go Deeper - Learn to look deeper. (Secret)
  • Like Father Like Son - Defeat your past. (Secret) 

Hello Neighbor is available now on Xbox One and Steam for $29.99 USD. If you’re not a natural thief and need help honing your B&E skills, check out our guide to breaking and entering in Hello Neighbor.


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