This dungeon crawler lets you date your swords

Of course it does.

Boyfriend Dungeon, the latest reveal from indie developer Kitfox Games, allows you to find, rescue and date a variety of swords while killing monsters with them.

The increasingly wild dating simulator genre is expanding and crossing over into RPGs now, as Boyfriend Dungeon’s reveal trailer shows.

The Shattered Planet and Shrouded Isle developers have combined what looks like Visual Novel romance gameplay with a solid looking monster slasher.

It also appears from the trailer that there are eight swords with personified alter-egos ranging from obvious flirt AJ the talwar to Valeria, a mysterious dagger. In the quick run down of other weapons we swear there is a cat silhouette. So you can also romance a cat that is actually a sword. That’s the sort of game we’re talking here.

Anyway, Boyfriend Dungeon will be out in 2019 so that’s another year and a bit to try and get our heads around this concept.


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