PUBG's 3D Replay System and Killcam Arrive in Time for Launch

PUBG launches out of early access this week with PC version 1.0.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ highly-requested 3D Replay and Killcam features will arrive this week alongside the long-awaited vaulting and climbing update. These new features will debut in PUBG’s forthcoming PC 1.0 release on December 20th. 

PUBG’s 3D Replay system and Killcam are the result of a partnership between PUBG Corp. and Seoul-based gaming tech company Minkonet. 

“We know expectations from the community are high and our team worked side-by-side with the PUBG developers to design and deliver a never-before-seen, immersive replay experience that is sure to deliver countless hours of ‘wow-factor’ moments and shareable content,” says Minkonet CEO Peter Kim.

Source: Minkonet / PUBG Corp.

The 3D Replay system uses 360-degree data capture to allow for seamless video playback of a player’s gameplay, along with the ability to follow another player’s movements as an observer. This new 3D Replay system brings PUBG one step closer to the realm of esports in terms of functionality and viewing experience. 

The Killcam feature is not only intended for helping players review their final moments in-game, but it also is meant to be used to gather evidence of players cheating. According to a recent press release, the new Killcam system provides “an interactive all-around viewpoint that hasn’t been possible with the textual event logs and the video capture of the deceased player in other Killcams.” 

The 3D Replay and Killcam features will be available when PUBG launches its PC 1.0 version on December 20th. Players currently on the PUBG test servers can try out the 3D Replay and Killcam ahead of PUBG's 1.0 release.


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