How to Fix PUBG's Frame Rate on Xbox One

Try this simple trick to stabilize PUBG’s frame rate and help fix lag on Xbox One.

Now that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been out for a couple weeks on Xbox One, players have experienced various performance issues throughout the console version of PUBG, including constant frame rate drops that occur during critical gameplay moments. Frame rate drops can cause players to die in critical combat scenarios, leading to lost chicken dinners. The PUBG community has discovered a trick that can help fix PUBG’s unstable frame rate on Xbox One in just a few simple steps. 

Source: Digital Foundry

The Xbox One comes with a built-in game capture and streaming feature that automatically records your gameplay in the background for the sake of convenience. However, Reddit users have discovered that this feature can hinder PUBG’s performance when enabled.

Players can attempt to fix PUBG’s unstable frame rate by disabling Xbox One’s game capture feature. Several Reddit users have reportedly experienced smoother frame rates after turning off Xbox One’s inbuilt game DVR. A seemingly simple fix for something as crucial as a stable frame rate.

Digital Foundry has compiled a frame rate test showcasing a side-by-side comparison of PUBG’s performance on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Based on the comparison, the Xbox One X version of PUBG seems to fair better than its base Xbox One counterpart in terms of frame rate, which is to be expected. You can view Digital Foundry’s PUBG frame rate test in the video above. 

While it appears that disabling Xbox One’s DVR game capture will help stabilize PUBG’s frame rate, keep in mind that having the DVR turned off will prevent you from quickly recording clips of your well-earned chicken dinners. 

If you plan on sticking to the PC version of PUBG, there’s plenty to look forward to when version 1.0 launches on December 20th. PUBG’s new 3D Replay and Killcam features will be ready just in time for launch, along with the game’s long-awaited vaulting and climbing features.


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