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While Mac and Linux PCs aren’t as popular for gaming, these low impact indie titles can be fully enjoyed on both! 

8) Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a quirky game that’s fully compatible with Mac and Linux systems. In Papers, Please, you play as a citizen of Arstotzka who’s had their name drawn in the October labor lottery. Your new position? An immigration inspector at the Grestin Border Checkpoint.

There, you’ll have to check a variety of documents (under continuously shifting rules and regulations) to ensure you’re letting the “right people” into Arstotzka. It’s a game with humor, social/political commentary, and some surprisingly enjoyable gameplay.

So, if you’re looking for something unique to play on Mac and Linux, we highly recommend Papers, Please!

Click here to buy Papers, Please on Steam.

7) To The Moon/Finding Paradise

To The Moon and its sequel, Finding Paradise, are both low impact indies fully playable on Mac and Linux PCs. In To The Moon, two doctors are tasked with journeying through a dying man’s memories in order to properly fulfill his final wish.

In the sequel, Finding Paradise, the same two doctors return to aid a new patient whose wish seems (at least on the surface) to be somewhat self-contradictory. Both games boast beautiful stories that will leave even the toughest of gamers misty eyed by the end.

If you’re looking for a Mac and Linux compatible game that’ll pull at your heartstrings and move you with its narrative, look no further than To The Moon and Finding Paradise.

Click here to buy To The Moon on Steam, and click here to buy Finding Paradise on Steam.

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