Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap sells more on Switch than all other platforms combined

Switching markets pays off.

Indie remaster Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has sold more copies on the Nintendo Switch than all other releases combined.

The studio behind the remake, Lizardcube, hit the Switch market at the perfect time, according to an interview with Gamasutra.

The console proved a roaring success beyond expectations, and at the time of release there were few games available, meaning anyone with a title released  found time in the spotlight. Indie titles are starting to pick up on Switch, but the number of released games is still extremely low when compared to the likes of Steam, making it an appealing prospect for smaller studios.

Other developers voiced equally positive messages, with David Jimenez, developer of Dimension Drive, stating that the Switch trailer had close to the same number of views in just two days as their Early Access trailer had in six months.

We’re hoping the Switch continues to shine as an indie beacon even as AAA games pile onto the console.

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