The Escapists 2 Breaks Out on Nintendo Switch in January

Kick off the new year with The Escapists 2 on Nintendo Switch.

The award-winning prison break simulator The Escapists 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2018. Publisher Team17 Digital broke the news earlier today with a new announcement trailer for The Escapists 2 on Nintendo Switch, which you can watch below. 

The Escapists 2 will take advantage of the Switch’s unique capabilities to allow players to team up with other inmates for local split screen co-op. Split screen players can each wield a Joy-Con or Pro Controller to break out of prison together, or plot against one another and attempt to be the first to escape.

The Escapist 2 challenges players to break out of huge, multi-floor prisons using whatever means possible. According to Team 17, The Escapist 2’s special features include:

  • 10 unique themed prisons to escape from
  • Two player split-screen play, and up to four player co-op and versus online multiplayer
  • Drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer experience. Carefully plan and execute an intricate escape from your initial incarceration with your fellow inmates either online or locally, or simply hop into an existing game that’s in progress to help pull off the final touches of the escape!
  • Create your con with over 300 customizations to create your perfect prisoner
  • A dedicated tutorial for new players to learn the basics of prison life 

The Escapists 2 will release on January 11th on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99 USD. Pre-orders for The Escapists 2 will begin on January 4th. The Escapists 2’s Switch debut rounds out the game’s console availability, following from its prior release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC earlier this year.


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